Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My JE experience!

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(Too much love!)

Hey guys, since it's the new year, I feel like talking about myself because I feel like i'm starting to seem like a ditz the way I talk and all. Lol. So here are a few things about me in general.  

- For all my talk about NEWS and KATTUN, my fandom is actually ARASHI. Yes. You read that right. ARASHI. After 3 long years of fangirling them, I still can't choose a favorite. I love them all so much I can't even choose WHO to TALK about! I have their dvd's and posters and watched MOST of their shows no matter how weird some of it are because I rarely ever watched an episode which BORED me. (I got bored with CKTtun show.)  

- Yamapi is my ichiban. But I fangirl a lot of people. Just because I don't talk much about him, or post or litter my page with his pictures does not signify that i've lost interest. I love him because everytime I watch NwP. He makes me fall in love with him again and again and again.  

- For all my talk of Yamapi, I have a strong feeling that if i'm ever given the chance to meet him, i'll treat him more as a brother rather than a lover. Because I felt like i've known him for so long that it's almost...incestous. Lol. Which is why i've always said that my obsession with Pi will be determined the moment I meet him!  

- I liked Shige since I saw his new hairstyle in weeek. But no one seem to know him then, it's only lately when I started talking about him. The guy is lovable because he fails so so so so so so much. But man, can he write.  

- Jun-bait was what happened to me. Gokusen 1. The reason I got into JE fandom. Now I don't stay for Jun alone. I stay for all the GAY men in JE! (which means ALL of them)  

- PiKame was the first JE yaoi pairing I ever shipped. Yes. PiKame. NwP. I loved the ending. So so so so much. I still read fanfictions of them together. I can't help it. It was my first JE yaoi love.  

- My OTP is TomaPi. Because I saw Toma in HYD and got interested and learned that he was with Pi in 4tops. Watching their vids, I realized that Pi ALWAYS looked happy beside Toma. He didn't look like a ROBOT and he didn't have what we now call "fisheyes". I believe that Toma is good for Pi. And I hate Johnny for breaking them apart.

- YaMaki is my HET OTP. Because they look good together and they look good for each other!

- KoyaShige makes me "squee" a lot because it makes me think that this should be how TomaPi would be right now!

- NEWS is my 2nd favorite boyband because they are all SMART. (Yes! ALL!) I don't think Kei is as ditzy as he acts, nor do I believe that Massu is stupid or that Shige always fails.... Their interviews make the most sense out of all the JE bands. And they actually give answers which are logical!

- I don't hate KATTUN. Most people think I do but I don't. Life would be so boring without their constant bickerings and slutty-tumes and sheer idiocy. They win at being bad.

- I hate HSJUMP. This is very very very true. I don't hate the members, just the fact that they are all young and looked too ready to do whatever just to make it. I'm scared for them.

- I love: Yamapi, Toma, Tsubasa, Tsuyoshi, Guchi-Maru-Ueda, all of news, Okada-Ken, Taichi-Joshima-Nagase, ARASHI, Ohkura and Kusano Hironori. Yes, Notti.

- I know that JE people can RARELY sing, act, dance, host at the same time, but even when they lack all of those and the looks, they still bait me. Stupid JE packaging.

- I love Ishigaki of Question. I want to feel his hands.

- I could never understand how NEWS costumes look like rags while Kattun costumes look like sluts. News can't even afford proper make-up and hairstylists while Kattun is littered with eyeliners and lipgloss. Plus Jin has really fluffy hair.

- I believe that TEGOSHI is GOD because no one in NEWS is yet to suffocate from their costumes. Except maybe for Shige.

- I don't care what ARASHI wears. They can hold a concert in drag for all I care, i'd still be joining the party.

- And lastly, I have no idea how I managed to stay in fandom for three years. SERIOUSLY.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thank you's!

(Chibis' as christmas gifts anyone?)

Wow. This is the last day of my punishment! (posting everyday until christmas day.) I can't say  I didn't have fun. Personally,...This has been the most productive I have ever been!

So what can I say? Thanks for putting up with me and my quirks! Some of you must have had enough of JE boys and YAMAPI and SHIGE by now! I don't mean to spam you with these gorgeous lovable beings, it's just that I love them and I like showing it! *smiles*

Thanks to Shingung and Doda, (and sometimes lilly!) who seem to be here everyday, i'm actually quite touched. And to everyone (anonymous or not)  who visited my blog and who read my fanfictions. (Even when I RARELY update it) I appreciate the comments everyone left and my deepest thanks to everyone!

I'll try to continually update but knowing me, by tomorrow, i'd have forgotten all about this blog. Haha. 

Thanks guys! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

(Our Christmas lantern)

From where I live it's the 24th.  The day before christmas. Christmas eve. 
Tomorrow is the 25th.

To everyone who are able to read this post.


I wish you and your family happiness, fulfillment, and peace.

This day is all about love. 
Give and accept! 
There's plenty of it to go around!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The grand scheme of things

Sometimes, the world feels too strange and too big for me. 

I stare without seeing, I eat without tasting, I listen without hearing, I breath without smelling and I touch without feeling. 

Why are there moments like these in my life? 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

KoyaShige Fanfiction: Pissed


He was pissed. It had been a long day full of tapings, TV performances and appearances. It didn't help that Nishikido-aniki was out to annoy him. For the entire day, Ryo hid his cellphone, fed him a whole chicken and spilled juice down his front to name a few. He was trying to cool his head by unsuccessfully packing his belongings alone in the NEWS dressing room when his idiot of a best friend invaded his reprieve and started chattering about anything under the sun. 

Needless to say, Kato Shigeaki was not amused.

"Will you please shut up?!" He shouted at his unsuspecting best friend.

Koyama immediately shut his mouth and stared at him. Blinked. 

"Shige...Are you alright?" He immediately asked, pulling the younger man down to sit on the couch and touching his forehead. "Do you need me to get you anything?" 

The law student sighed and closed his eyes, intending to catch a few winks. "No. Just please, go and leave me alone. I have so many things to do and i'm dead tired." 

He felt the other side of the couch lift and heard Koyama move about the room doing something. A few minutes later, he felt a hand on his shoulder.


Shige slowly lifted his lids and had to smile.

"Sorry for shouting at you." He said sleepily as he accepted his now packed things and set them on the couch beside him.

The older man laughed and leaned down to touch their foreheads together, "Ryo went over the line huh? That's alright Shiggy-chan, one day when you pass the bar, you'll sue him and i'll be your witness."

Shiggy-chan smirked and flicked his bestfriends' forehead, "Thanks Kei." 

"You're welcome." Koyama said before he leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss on the side of Shigeaki's lips. "Happy holidays" he whispered before he straightened himself and went out the door. 

Shige stared at the empty doorway, shocked. 

"Baka." He murmured then smiled.  

Maybe he should act pissed all the time. 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Christmas gift I never got

(One of our MANY bookshelves!)

When I was around 6 years old, I wanted a doll house. Like all other young girls, I dreamt of fairy tale endings, of wearing bright pink dresses and riding a white horse beside my prince. And I felt that owning a doll house would somehow define the dreams I have. Whenever I watch television, every little girl who owns a doll house always have something magical happen to them come christmas day.

All their wishes are fulfilled. 

I never got a doll house. What I got instead, were books. Lots of it. A whole treasure chest in fact. A treasure chest bigger than I was at that time. And ever since then, you could say that I have lived my life, from inside the books I have read.

The imagination it gave me, the emotions I discovered, the ability to express what I feel in writing, I developed all these by reading. In more ways than one, books had set me free. 

Now, more than 10 years later, I still have the passion for reading. I read everything, whether fact or fiction, a comic book or a manga. A poem, a satire. Anything that comes highly recommended, you can be sure that my eyes will gaze every line, cover to cover.

When I think about it now, I realized that while I made such a big deal about that particular doll house before, I am glad that I received books instead. Because I now know that life is not a fairy tale. I don't need a pink ball gown, I don't want a prince. I learned that dreams are not defined by material things. And contrary to what television says, wishes do not always come true. 

But something magical did happen to me that particular christmas day. I found out who and what I wanted to be in the future. 

Someone who writes. 

Not necessarily a writer. Just somebody who can write and at the very least, be a part of someone else's life by means of my works. 

It is not a very high dream, but if there is one lesson I learned from the books I have read, it is that,

"Sometimes, dreams (not wishes) do come true."

Friday, December 19, 2008

A home-cooked meal

In this house, we have EVERYTHING but REAL food. I am serious! We have blueberry cheesecakes, brownies, fruit cake, chocolate cake, chocolates. We have all kinds of juices! Softdrinks, cocoa, coffee, water, milk, fruit and about a million and a half flavors of tea. 

When you open our fridge, we have 3 kinds of cheese, the melted kind, the normal kind and parmesan. We have all the ingredients for a vegetable salad like cucumber, raisin, lettuce, and all the green stuff! We have 2 butters and 3 kinds of ketchup plus different brands of hot sauce and about 4 kinds of salad dressing.

Our cupboard has all the seasonings from soy sauce to oregano to virgin coconut oil to weird dried leaves which smells really good. (I suspect it's Marijuana. Lol.) 

Our side table is filled with pomelos, bananas, coconuts, mangos, avocados, and even scary looking passion fruits. 

In other words, we have everything, but nothing! In this house, there's no MEAT of any kind. Oh, there's a few chicken wings or so, a fish no bigger than my thumb, maybe even pork which looks like it's been there since I was born. 

Every meal time, I call my mother and ask. "What are we eating for dinner?" She would just say, "Whatever you can find." 

(And then people wonder why I burn down kitchens!) 

No, seriously, my family thrives on TAKE-OUTS. I think half the fastfood center within our vicinity has made enough money from us. We've done chinese, italian, japanese, american, german and just about everything in here which has food delivery and take outs. 

This week alone, I ate McDonald's thrice, kfc twice and pizza hut earlier this evening. Honestly, I think we're all going to develop kidney stone one of these days! It's the christmas season and all we ever eat is fastfood. 

I want to eat a home cooked meal! I want soup! I want ramen with everything! I want katsudon! I want pecking duck! I want chopsuey! I want some sort of hotpot! I don't even remember the last time I ate normal food! I want real food! Something which lasts! I can't stomach take outs anymore. 

I can already feel my artery hardening. 

(And while I type this i'm actually eating cake and drinking pineapple juice. Yeah, I have no resolve. Lol.) 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

To the best-est friend in the world!

Sometimes I wonder why I like you,
Sometimes I wonder why I care.
You're all about Jin Bakanishi,
when i'm all about (pink) Yamapi! 

You're the only person in my world, 
who tolerates MatsuJun's singing.
You hate me when I always say.
He's really just ear-raping.

You think KATTUN is wonderful, they all sing fairly well.
Don't know what your standard is, they harmonize like hell.
Arashi is my favorite, at least Ohno can sing and dance.
You laugh at me quite evilly, say, "You're one of their two fans." 

You hated Yamapi's creepy perm.
And I still say you're blind! 
It might look like some Grandma's wig
But it's really quite refined. 

I don't know why I even bother, talking sense to you.
But then I simply realized, fandom's not the same without you. 
At least we agree on something, that SHIGE is quite hot.
That he should pose butt naked, in an AnAn cover shot. 

That Ryo is really pretty, with his Eito renjaa pose.
Tegoshi is phallic, when his mouth opens and close. 
That Aiba is, actually, the original bakanishi.
Kinki kids don't get along, coz one of them is creepy.

We agree that Sakurai Sho should not eat something bitter,
That JE stylists should be fired for blinding us with glitter.
Kei-chan should really just, confess to his best friend. 
We've been waiting forever, we wonder when it'll end.

You think that Toma should debut,
I think the same way too.
We'd die to meet Toma and Pi
Our favorite OTP. 

We might not agree on a lot of things,
but I love you just the same.
Even when you prefer Jin's hips
To Kusano's funny games. 

You'll always be a drama queen, you big attention whore.
I'll always be the sarcastic bitch, who'll never be a bore. 
We're too different it's funny, how do we even get along?
I guess it's one of those life mysteries, they sing about in songs.

So for next year, 2009, let's agree to disagree.
Let's lay our differences aside, and indulge on a shopping spree! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The hotness that is Shige!

Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige! Shige!

Gad. You and Kei-chan need to come out of the closet. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


"We're through."

His famous last words. 

I wasn't surprised. I knew what was coming even before the words came tumbling out of your mouth. 

All I did was raise an eyebrow.

You looked confused, probably thinking, "Why isn't she reacting?"

And all I can think of was the fact that I don't even have the emotion to cry, to ask. Or to at least look like I even care.  It scares me that I am not affected.

It's not because I never loved you. I do. 

But the moment you said the words I just moved on. 

I am sorry.

But I guess that's just the kind of person I am. 


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why I now hate Yamapi

(My version of Obi wan)

     I just burned down our kitchen. YES! Our kitchen! Our freaking house kitchen! c0rin just burned down her kitchen! Think black smoke! crisp! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust! Somebody offer me condolences or something! It's christmas and i'm burning down houses!

     Okay, must start from the start. It was really one of those days you know? You wake up at 12 noon and think: "I'm hungry and I want milk and sandwich." So there I was, in the kitchen, supposedly making/stirring/whatever hot milk and then realization came. 

"Why is there no hot water?" 

     So being a good daughter that I was, I filled the teapot with water, opened the stove and decided that since the teapot whistles anyway, I may as well go online and maybe check my messages or something. I never even noticed that when I opened the stove, I didn't remove the cork thing used to cover it. I just placed the pot on top of it. 

     I immediately logged on to youtube since crunchyroll pretty much suck these days as I cannot, as always, access it! Anyway, to make the long story short, there I was, happily thinking to myself as I watch Yamapi do the daite senorita dance: 

"Wow, those moobs are really something, I wonder if he used estrogen or what."


"Gad! I wonder if Toma ever tapped those hips?!" 

     When all of a sudden, I noticed that there was this thick black smoke hovering above my head (I was sitting down) and all my brain can come up with was: 

"Whoa. Cool."

     And then I woke up from my moment of Koyama-ness and realized the the house is on FIRE! OH MY GOD THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE! And so, mustering up whatever courage I have, I ran to the kitchen (1st floor) and totally choked on my own hair. (because it was long and I didn't have the chance to tie it!) I couldn't see ANYTHING but this BIG YELLOW/BLUE  fire rising up to the ceiling! 

     I did the only thing I thought of at that moment. I threw this BIG plastic container I grabbed from beside the SINK (which in case none of you got, PRODUCES WATER) at it and HOPED for the BEST. Of course, we all know how that TURNED out. Throwing plastic container WITHOUT water won't exactly save the world. Recovering from my stupidity, I opted to do the next thing I thought of. 

Turn on the electric fan. 

     Let's just say I won't be listening to NewS Happy Birthday song anytime soon. (Nor do I wonder why I lost my dean's lister status) And while i'm at it, I think being bald might be a good look for me. 

     The thing about our house is, we have a BIG backyard. So it is highly unlikely that people would ever notice should we ever be on fire. Especially since our backyard is one ENTIRE MOUNTAIN WALL! And let me just mention that our house is three stories, so my family won't notice what's happening unless I shout it out. So there I was, confused, wondering if this was my end and how embarrassing this is, as the headlines would probably be somewhere along the lines of: 

"Family burned to death because of gay Japanese actor." 

     And then, I suddenly felt enlightened. For some reason, something came over me and I felt this sudden adrenaline rush! I grabbed all the water containers I could find, filled them with water and by SHEER LUCK, managed to put the fire out. (Let me tell you, all this happened in like, 3 minutes but it seemed like a LONG LONG time) I'd bet you my pink ARASHI feather boa that Edward Cullen would be proud of my strength. 

     Of course, the next thing to do was cover my tacks. Because really, if you should ever get to meet my mother, you'd never want to be me ever. For one, she's an "elitist" (think school admin or something close to that) and two, she doesn't tolerate stupidity. Needless to say, my state of panic comes from the knowledge that she'd probably ground me for life and i'll never get to see KATTUN's slutty costumes again rather than the fact that I burned down the kitchen.

My mother has no member-ai.  

     Now how can I possible hide the evidence when it's GLARING at you? You can't really say that the reason why the once white kitchen tiles turned black was because aliens invaded the earth and decided that black it the new white. I mean really? Who would believe that?

     I contemplated turning a blind eye and say things like, "What do you mean? The kitchen looks the same to me." But decided against it. Because let's be honest here. The stove looks like someone placed a hand granade under it, even Bill Clinton can't deny it. I did the only thing I could and packed my bags. 

Well, no, not really. But I wanted to. 

     Let's just cut the story short and say that my mother went YODA on me. (Hence the picture) She was like, "To be irresponsible all your life, is that what you want to be?"  and "Think of your actions, that was all I asked." I can't say I blame her though, her daughter took up ARSON as hobby. Not to mention the fact that my sister, (a lawyer) is probably processing my ADOPTION papers as I write this whole thing down. And my younger brother is on his phone going, "Dude, my sister just fucking burned down our HOUSE!" 

     Needless to say, I will never see the light of day again. I just hoped my new family has a daughter who's into JE. 

Anybody want to adopt me? 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's not all in the family

     Like everyone else's families who do not live in Japan. My family does not understand JE. But when I think about it, how could they? JE isn't exactly what you'd call "family friendly." 

     Whenever my brother uses the mac, he gets confused with the wallpaper I use. He thinks Tegoshi is a girl. Actually, he thinks Tegoshi is the same GIRL in Hana Kimi. Which I have to agree, is kind of understandable. Even I think Tegoshi and Maki look alike. He also thinks Massu is like...12 and therefore, his sister (me!) is a PEDO. Well LA-DI-DA! Guess i'm in the same league as the great JOHNNY KITAGAWA himself. (At least we have something in common.) Well, I guess I can be proud of the fact that I never fangirl'd HSJ! Imagine if it was Chinen?! I'd be like... serving sentence by now.  

     My sister cannot understand how Kame is NOT gay. (I never did tell her that Kame is indeed gay. i don't have enough proof!) Considering that she plucks her eyebrows like, every weekend. I get her issues with the turtle. Especially since Kame's eyebrows still look better than hers. Another thing that bothers her are Yamapi's moobs. She thinks it's all PHOTOSHOPPED. Owing to the fact that Yamapi isn't even fat enough to have MOOBS. I personally don't care how those moobies are made. As long as they're connected to Pi's chest and they're NOT LACTATING, I am HAPPY. 

     I fear the day my mother shall ever get to meet KATTUN. I don't think their see-through clothes, dead animals and phallic earrings will convince her that they're wholesome and some of the members probably never had women sex in their lives. So it's not like I even had the chance to miss anything. She doesn't exactly have to worry about my sanity and my taste in men. Or woman. Whatever. The point is, with the way KATTUN dresses, no matter how much I tell her that, "MOM! They're like, totally GHEI!" I doubt she'll ever believe me. 

     My elder brother laughs in my face. Mainly because he caught me watching Arashi in a dress and needless to say, he never let me forget about it. Lesson learned? It's better to be caught watching porn than to be caught watching men in drag. Because apparently, hardcore porn is a hundred times more normal than men in wigs. I'm only thankful it was Arashi and not Kanjani8 in their ranger costumes. I can only imagine what kind of jokes my brother can come up with once he sees Yasu being molested by ...oh, I don't know. The WHOLE band? 

     My friends are a different matter altogether. My bf thinks that Bakanishi is GOD and we should all be a slave to his fat hips. I beg to differ, as much as I like Jin's hip-rolling prowess, I never want to be a slave to that. NOT, when MatsuJun can still do the amazing catwalk he does. 

     A gay friend is totally convinced that Shige slept with all the members of NEWS. Of course, I had to defend law boy and say, "Puhleeze! Shige?! You must be thinking of Tegoshi or Pi!" And he was like:

"Try to notice the way he walks and when he dances and shakes his hips. He was fucked. HARD." 

     To be honest, I still think it's all Koyama's fault. Shige couldn't have slept with the entire band.('cept for Kei) If he did, his hips would have pawned Jin's by now. 

A girl friend THINKS Takky slept with the entire JE management.

You and the rest of the world, sweetie. 


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The color of my life

(my usual place)

I have decided to change my blogs'  color because well,..Blue was getting old. And i'm so bored. Anyway, a friend of mine had dared me to update my blog EVERYDAY until Christmas day. Considering how LAZY I am, I can't exactly say that i'm thrilled! 

So I guess for 12 days you'll be reading a lot of unimportant things in my blog. For today, let me talk about the above picture. 

Yellow, is my name's color. I have been told that when people hear my name, the first color they think of is yellow. I never really understood that theory nor am I even interested to find out. But in a way, you could say that I am attracted to anything colorful. Though my favorite color is blue. Yellow gives me a feeling of being calm and reasonable. 

As you can probably guess, i'd pretty much die without technology. I can't live without any FORM of tech that it's practically insane. I always seem to have the need to check my phone every once in a while. I am not addicted to texting nor to calling. I am just addicted to checking my phone! Whether for messages or missed calls or to listen to mp3's or to just play with it. 

My mac is the most important part of my life. I cannot last a day without going online and checking my messages, gb's, updates or whatever it is that I do. Funny though. For someone always online, I can't seem to update my blogs. My computer pretty much holds all my life secrets. Be it pictures of JE men or my personal write-ups. 

I have a lot of vices. Some are hurtful. (like chocolate) and some, CLEAN. Like water. I drink so much water everyday that I always always feel bloated. But for some reason, I can't stop drinking. I feel dehydrated when I don't drink when I want to drink. It's not a bad obsession. But there are moments when I wonder why I make it so hard for myself. Do you guys even know how many TIMES I go to the bathroom a DAY?! But that glass of water pretty much represents my life. It's not that Empty. But neither is it full. 

I live such a lonely life it's sick. 

Friday, December 5, 2008


They stared at each other while her parents look on. 

He smirked at her. "Well, hello again. So when do you want to get married?" 

"How unromantic." Maki raised her perfectly shaped eyebrows. "I heartily decline."

Her mother let out a  little laugh, "Now, now, Maki-chan, really, we talked about this. How about next month? It's christmas and --"

"I said, I decline." She stood up and made an action to leave. His smooth voice stopped her. 

"Whether you accept or decline does not matter, your parents have accepted my proposition and frankly, I own you now." His smile mocked her. "Unless of course, you want you and your parents to be out of business and living in the streets within the next 24 hours?" 

She blinked at him. "What?" her head turned to face her father, "What?" 

Horikita Saotome met her daughter's eyes. "Yamashita-san now owns the company. Your mother---That is...We..we borrowed money from him to save the company from bankruptcy but we weren't able to pay it."

"I don't understand! What has this have to do with me?! I don't need the company! I can live on my own! And surely you have enough money to last you a lifetime?!" She asked her mother. Aghast. 

Her groom to be laughed, "No. They don't. Why do you think they pawned you to me?" He winked at her, his face laughing, but his eyes, colder than snow. He stood up from his chair and tilted her chin up to face him.  "Your family is poor now. Your dad won't stop gambling and your mother cares more about what society thinks more than she cares about you. So suck it up and choose a wedding date princess. We are getting married."

"Yamashita-san!" Maki's mother voiced out, "That is not true, I care about my daugh--"
"Stop." Her father interrupted and faced the young tycoon. "We'll leave you two to talk." He bowed and dragged his wife outside, closing the door behind him. 

She pushed his hands away from her face and sat down on the sofa, "I won't marry you. You asshole, i'd sooner fuck your lover." 

Maki saw his eyebrow raise, "Interesting...I have a lover? Pray tell, inform me about her, i'd love to know my taste in women."

"In men, you mean." 

She was not prepared for the next scene. The so-called young tycoon opened his mouth and let out a booming laugh. His eyes crinkled at the corners and his face looked younger, healthier....

He looked beautiful, Maki couldn't tear her eyes away from his face. He had the reddest lips she had ever seen in a man. 

"My relationship with Toma is of no concern of yours but since you're going to be my wife. Expect to see him in the odd moments of the day."

"Are you deaf?! I said I won't marry you!" She shouted at him, "I will not! I won't! I don't care if we go bankrupt, I can fend for myself! No once can force me to marry you!"

Yamashita sighed mockingly, "So young and so selfish. Did you once even think about your parents? Your mother will lose all her friends, your father, his business partners. Where will they go? What will they do? Both of them are used to the rich, easy life. What will happen to you? Barely out of college and nowhere to go? Sooner of later you're going to end up using your body to support yourself. Would you really want that?" 

"I can work! People will hire me! I'm sure my parents have benefits and can live on their own."

He tskd' and gathered his coat. "Stop being silly dear, I think you're misunderstanding the situation. Your parents owe me money, they can't pay and even when they used the company as collateral, it isn't worth much." 

Maki eyed him warily as he leaned down and whispered, "That's why your mother sold you. She accepted money for it. A large amount, if I may add. If you as much as run out on our wedding, I will hunt your family down and you can be sure all of you will suffer the consequences of my wrath."

She stared shocked at the cold, unfamiliar face looming before her. 
He moved forward and pressed a surprisingly warm kiss on her frozen lips. 

"Sleep tight Maki-chan."

Was the last thing she remember him say. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Johnny's Entertainment

For those who has never heard of Johnny's entertainment or his BOYS, MY hats off to you. It can only mean that you are still as pure as white snow and as untouched as North Pole.  

But nevertheless, let me give you a background information about JE. It is the sole, surviving gay institute of Japan. If you insist that "No, they're straight!" or "Duh, they're just really close", then WAKE UP. A building full of hot, sweaty, sexy MEN touching each other, hugging each other, kissing each other, molesting each other.... There is no chance that they're ALL straight, Some of them might be of course.. (I can't think of anyone as of the moment but I know someone HAS TO BE....Even if it turns out to be TAKKI.)  

So what is it with Johnny and his boys?  

Simple: Great marketing strategy. Johnny's holds EVERYBODY. (translation: Watch MAOU)  

Of course, it helps that MOST of them have hips made of slinky and faces perfected with surgery.  
Let me give you a few of my favorite molested boys.  

Who better to start with than the person at the top? 

No, not KimuTaku...As much as he is well loved, he isn't as controversial as I want him to be.  

Akanishi Jin-Or, better known as Bakanishi. Jin and I have this love-hate relationship wherein one moment I cannot stand him but I can't help myself when he does his hip rolling thing. I finally realized that what I love about him is his SLUTTY-ness. (And the fact that his "baka-ness" status allowed him leeway to say all the mean things he wants and GET AWAY WITH IT!) I love the fact that he thrusts his hips at anyone and EVERYONE dead, alive, inanimate or in coma. I like to amuse myself and think that Jins' main purpose in life is to sleep with everyone in JE. *coughKamecough*  

Kamenazhi Kazuya-You know what they say, "Never judge a man by his eyebrows." In Kame's case...We can't really help but judge. But you have to understand, the guy has a complex. Have you seen his old UNPLUCKED brows? You'd think it was part of his hair. I don't really think he's gay, *yeahright!* more like...Confused. He doesn't understand that he's supposed to be a guy. People usually pair him with Jin but the way I see it...I don't even think they speak to each other...*coughKoKameshippercough*  

Yamashita Tomohisa-My own personal LOVE. But believe it or not, I am not blind to his faults. I may be blinded by his uber-big (are those lactating?) manboobs and slappable tushy but I am quite aware that he has faults...I can't name anything as of the moment....Anyway, Yamapi is gay. Yes. Gay. Why? Because I say he is. How valid is my word? Not valid at all. But I still maintain that he's gay. I only need to see him act around Ikuta Toma for my gaydar to start acting up. *insertpicturetoidentifytruelove*

Nishikido Ryo- The Poison tongue. He is not as evil as he seems. Well, at least not evil enough for me. I personally think he's just... Uncomfortable around people, especially, those he think are a lot better than him. (No, not Ueda!) This guy has a major case of PMS. Either that or he's just plain bipolar. I mean come on! He is so scary at times yet can be sweet. He's manly then he does things that are girly(er) than Ueda curling HER hair.*watchNewSconcertstounderstandwhatImean*

Matsumoto Jun- Kami-sama! Have you guys seen this guy walk?! This is the prince of JE. (No, not really..) He's a great actor. Gorgeous! He can look girly yet act tough. Or he can look manly and act gay. Sometimes I think MatsuJun doesn't even know who he is. He just knows that he's "high up there." And he acts like it. But of course, what I love about this guy is that while he shines alone. He doesn't shine so much when he's with ARASHI. (probably because they all shine) I also love the fact that he's well...a big permed dork. 

Ikuta Toma-There was a time when I thought that when it comes to crying, Yamapi is number one in JE. Until I saw this guy cry. ASDF! ASDD!(*#E)(#()!!! My poor little Toma-kun!!! I love Toma. Not that same way I love Yamapi (like: KYAA! YAMAPI-SAMA!!! KISS ME!) it's more of..."TOMA-kun! KAWAII!!" People may disagree with me but I think that he's MANLIER than YAMAPI. And THAT is the NUMBER ONE reason why he's NUMBER TWO in my heart.*tomapishippercough*