Thursday, December 18, 2008

To the best-est friend in the world!

Sometimes I wonder why I like you,
Sometimes I wonder why I care.
You're all about Jin Bakanishi,
when i'm all about (pink) Yamapi! 

You're the only person in my world, 
who tolerates MatsuJun's singing.
You hate me when I always say.
He's really just ear-raping.

You think KATTUN is wonderful, they all sing fairly well.
Don't know what your standard is, they harmonize like hell.
Arashi is my favorite, at least Ohno can sing and dance.
You laugh at me quite evilly, say, "You're one of their two fans." 

You hated Yamapi's creepy perm.
And I still say you're blind! 
It might look like some Grandma's wig
But it's really quite refined. 

I don't know why I even bother, talking sense to you.
But then I simply realized, fandom's not the same without you. 
At least we agree on something, that SHIGE is quite hot.
That he should pose butt naked, in an AnAn cover shot. 

That Ryo is really pretty, with his Eito renjaa pose.
Tegoshi is phallic, when his mouth opens and close. 
That Aiba is, actually, the original bakanishi.
Kinki kids don't get along, coz one of them is creepy.

We agree that Sakurai Sho should not eat something bitter,
That JE stylists should be fired for blinding us with glitter.
Kei-chan should really just, confess to his best friend. 
We've been waiting forever, we wonder when it'll end.

You think that Toma should debut,
I think the same way too.
We'd die to meet Toma and Pi
Our favorite OTP. 

We might not agree on a lot of things,
but I love you just the same.
Even when you prefer Jin's hips
To Kusano's funny games. 

You'll always be a drama queen, you big attention whore.
I'll always be the sarcastic bitch, who'll never be a bore. 
We're too different it's funny, how do we even get along?
I guess it's one of those life mysteries, they sing about in songs.

So for next year, 2009, let's agree to disagree.
Let's lay our differences aside, and indulge on a shopping spree! 


shingung said...

c0rin..i bet your bestest friend felt honored reading this..

this is a nice one especially with JE boys..bwahahhaa...

the picture is cute...

c0rin said...

Lol. Actually, if I remember it correctly, what he said was. "WTF?! I'm not an attention whore! You are such a bitch!"

Contrary to how that sounded, we get along pretty well. Birds of the same feathers you know. (0.0)v

shingung said...


yeah..i thought wouldn't write it like that...

even using JE boys...and i can tell from your post you love him much..bwahahha....

and as you said birds of the same feathers..hehehe...

i really like reading your posts..its always interesting maybe it be about your boring(?) life or JE boys..or fandom..and keeps me sane with my English..being a non speaking country hope you wont get tired hearing any blabber or non sense comments from me..

shingung said...

i mean being in a non-english speaking country..hahaha...see i always forgot to double check bwahahhaa...

c0rin said...

Oh that's alright sweetie, i'm honored you'd actually want to comment. Feel free!

English isn't also my language. I know the feeling!

shingung said...


i think im fluent in english bwahahhaa(well hopefully i am)....and thats the reason why i was hired besides my tech skill.bwahhaha)its just when i started working in a non-english speaking country i feel English level drop down because I have sometimes to adjust since they are not used to it..

uh-oh..i have to be careful in my word...because they might got me banned...

and i think blogging helps..or writing senseless blabbers in a well as reading interesting posts.... comment is too long...hahahhaa

theonlydoda said...

LOL at shingung. seriously corin? did he really said that to you? LOLS. hahas. and it's a HE? haha. LOL! i mean... can u actually post something about me? lols im going insane. well, im sort of posting my blog abt freinds in CR. lols. ^_^ u know me right? a girl that cannot stop talking and also no shame. lols. mind me. hahakhs!

c0rin said...

@Doda: Well, technically, he's a Girlfriend, A boyfriend, a bestfriend rolled into one?! Hahaha. I did post about you guys! Check my CR!