Monday, July 7, 2008

TOMAPI FIC: Nicknames

“Are you sure we’re ready for this?” Ikuta Toma asked the person beside him.

Yamapi grinned his happy grin. “Yes, I’m sure. You?”

“Couldn’t be more sure!” he answered as he carried the boxes containing their personal belongings inside the TWO-bedroom condominium they rented.

Yamapi surveyed the spacey living room, “We can watch our shows here with Jin and others!”

“We can even see the Jimusho building from here!” Toma exclaimed as he opened the curtains. “Wow! Being on the 14th floor makes me feel like I’m in heaven! This is great Pi! I’m glad I asked you to do this with me!” He faced his bestfriend and gave him a tight hug. “Domo arigatou gozaimasu ta! Tomo-chan!”

“Heh,” Pi reacted, “Don’t call me that!”

“Eh?” older of the two laughed, “But it sounds better! Toma-kun and Tomo-chan!”

“Akira shock!” Yamapi exclaimed, getting into his old character, “Why am I a chan and you’re a kun?”

“Because Tomo-kun sounds weird.” Toma explained patiently, “And you don’t look like a Tomo-kun, you look like a Tomo-chan!” He pranced around the room, obviously contented with his explanation.

Pi pouted, “But I’m a guy!”

“Yes, but you’re girly!”

“EH?!” Yamapi stared at his best friend, “You know, my fans normally say I’m manly because of my body.”

“They say that because they don’t know that you like to iron your hair and wear pink underwear!”

“That doesn’t make me girly!” The normally self-composed Johnny’s’ talent exclaimed, his lips forming a cute puppy pout. “Besides, you iron your hair too!”

Toma guffawed, “You don’t notice it but you like to pout, you blush easily and when you don’t cover your mouth when you smile, you let out girly giggles!”

“Nanda sore? I don’t do that! What are you talking about?” Pi vehemently denied as his best friend dragged him toward the mirror located near the entrance of their apartment.

“Here, see?” Toma pointed at Pi’s lips in the mirror, “You’re biting your lips again.”

Yamapi stared, “It’s just a habit!”

“For girls only Tomo-chan!”

“Oh, forget it. Call me what you want!” Pi smiled as their eyes met in the mirror. “Just not in front of others okay?”

Toma hugged him from behind, rested his head on Pi’s shoulder and smiled,

“Hai, Pipi-chan.”  


Avidya Arcturus said...

AAWWWW that is so cute!! i love it. Just one question, will this be a yaoi or some sort of slash? If it is i'm all in, if not the same cuz i reallly love your writing style. It is more life-like and really intersting to read! Good luck!

Is there more to this story? Please don't stop writting! Arigato Gozaimasu!!

Anonymous said...

NE~ U SAID UR NIT VERY GOOD AT WRITTING BUT I THINK UR AWSOME^^ ops caps lock... but seriously!! ur awsome i LOVE ur stories!! im in almost every day to check in udates!! LOVE ur stories^^ if ur on Crunchyroll add me as friend im Lillylinda ^^

c0rin said...

^Thanks. I'm not around crunchyroll much these days, but feel free to find me. Same name.