Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fic bribes?


“Hey! Let go!” a newly debuted Yamashita Tomohisa laughed at his best friend, whose hug he enthusiastically returned.

“Iyada!” Toma answered, squeezing tighter. “I haven’t properly seen you in months!”

“Will you please cut the gayness?” Matsumoto Jun glared at them, “You’re making me lose my lunch.” He added as he closed his bento and pushed it away.

His seatmate laughed as he pulled Yamapi to sit next to him. “Leave them alone,” Tackey ruffled Pi’s hair. “They missed each other.” He grinned at Toma, “You guys are always so cute at whatever age.”

Toma laughed as Yamapi took a shrimp from his plate and started stuffing himself. “At least we’re still friends.”

“Eh? We’ll always be friends.” His best friend declared, mouth full of food. “Won’t we?”

“Of course Tomopi!” Toma leaned forward playfully, intending to air kiss Yamapi’s cheek when the guy chose that moment to face him.

“OI!” Jun practically screeched while Tackey looked amused. “Stop being disgusting and disturbing!”

Pi stuck his tongue out at the ARASHI member and continued eating as if nothing out of the ordinary just happened. “It’s okay.” He smiled at the sputtering, incoherent Toma.


Yamapi flicked her forehead.

"Ow!" Maki smacked his arm.

He smiled. "Cute." 

She rolled her eyes, "Don't you have anything better to do?" 

Pi pulled her closer to him, "Let's go out on a date." 


Dr. Aizawa sat down on one of the cafeteria chairs and started on his lunch. The new hospital he was assigned at was understaffed and so far, he already performed 4 surgeries. He had 3 more to do before the day ends. 

"You dropped this." A formal girl approached him and handed over his ID. Her namecard says Yoshikawa Tsurara. 

"Arigatou." He watched the girl leave before he realized why she looked so familiar. A lawyer. The girl is a famous lawyer who specializes in cases involving swindling. He continued eating. 

You're Aizawa right?" A red-head attendant asked him, "My name is Ishizue Ryosuke, i'm supposed to take you to the 6th floor operating room, you can wait here while I fetch Dr. Asou Haruto, he's the specialist." 

Aizawa sighed and finished his lunch. 


Jessie said...

just want to say hello. great blog articles you have here. have a nice day!

shingung said...

corin..hehhee..just wanted to say present..hehehe nice random fics..i hope the yamaki was longer..hahaha....but i do hope you're okay now....ja ne

Anonymous said...

how Jun actually irritated by them is just so cute. and tomapi is super irritaing. being GAYISH. lol. longer for yamaki. its gonna be so cool if its longer. agree on shingung. lols.

c0rin said...

Hey guys! I'm fine!! TomaPi is GAY! And Yamaki, i'm not getting inspiration, SIGH.