Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tomapi: Essence of a woman

Summary: What if Yamapi turns into a woman?

A/N: I need a Tomapi fic quick! I am so obsessed with this pairing that I took it upon myself to write a fanfiction about them for my own amusement. I seriously need more TomaPi fics to read!!! 


Ikuta Toma supposed he shouldn’t hope for anything. After all, it’s been months since his so-called best friend had made any effort to contact him. On the other hand, it wasn’t like he made any move to repair their now shredded friendship. Toma really wanted to, but really, what could be more awkward than what happened between them? Could they really still be friends? He sighed and erased all the messages in his answering machine.


“Happy birthday Pi.”




Yamashita Tomohisa smiled for the cameras. He was tired and honestly speaking, he couldn’t bear to do anymore fan service for the day. He felt like his and Nishikido Ryo’s face had been joined for the last 20 or so hours. “Couldn’t they just Photoshop us together!?” He wondered as he felt Ryo’s forehead on his shoulder.  Yamapi closed his eyes.


“Where are you now?”




She hated him. Hated him beyond words. Beyond life! Beyond anything! She wished him ill. She wished him bad luck. And most of all, she wished he was in her position. 


“I use people to be popular huh?” Abiru Yuu thought as she watch him play kissy faces with the sexy Osaka man on TV.  “Just you wait Yamashita Tomohisa.” She opened her big black book and started chanting while stirring whatever it was inside the large cauldron.


She cackled.


“You’ll regret what you said about me.”




Yamapi pressed the button of his answering machine again and repeated each and every message he received. Nothing. He stared at it for a few seconds, willing for it to beep and by some miracle, he’d receive a message from Toma.




He rubbed his forehead and laughed at himself. “Why don’t you just call him stupid. It wasn’t as if you did it on purpose! It was a one-time thing! Both of us were drunk! I’m sure he’s forgotten it by now.” Yamapi took off his shirt and climbed on his bed, he was really, really, really tired. He couldn’t even come up with the proper sentences during the music station interview earlier. His cell phone beeped.




“Happy birthday to me.” He spoke softly to himself. He remembered the same day last year, Toma had surprise him in his apartment at exactly midnight, fat chance of that happening now.


Yamapi turned to his side. “I wish I was a girl” was his last thought before he fell asleep.




He woke up feeling groggy and sweaty. Why was his back so hot? He remembered turning on the air conditioner but for some reason, he felt strangely uncomfortable. Yamapi opened his eyes, he moaned, “too bright”. He wondered why there was a lock of long wavy hair nestled in his chest as he tried to scratch himself.


He checked.


And stilled.



Peeked under his boxers.






“WHAT THE HELL?!!! WHAT THE HELL! WHAT THE HELL! WHAT THE HELL!” Yamapi thought as he walked round and round and round his room. He already did everything from praying to slapping himself silly and still he was not waking up. He looked at himself in his life size mirror and groaned.


“It’s a dream Tomohisa! A dream! You do not have boobs. You have no boobs. You’re just dreaming. D R E A M I N G!” He chanted over and over. He peeked under his boxers again.


Nothing hanging.


“Oh come on! Come on! Give it back! I need it back! Where is IT?!!” He flipped his hair over his shoulder, not noticing how shiny and beautiful it actually is when hit by the sunlight. The now girly Yamapi sat on his bed and reached for his phone. “Jin! I’ll call Jin!” he thought excitedly, then impulsively threw his phone away. “You can’t call Bakanishi! Are you kidding me?!” his conscience berated him, “Would you really ask help from someone who probably won’t even notice the difference?!”


“Then who will I CALL?!!” Yamapi wailed as he picked up his phone again and searched his phonebook. “Tackey! I can call Tackey!” he muttered,…”Wait, I can’t call Papa! He’s busy with Tsubasa.” He flicked through the other people in his cell phone.


“I know! Ryo! I can call Ryo-chan! He’ll know what to do!”  He started to press the green button when for some reason; his mind remembered the first episode of last friends. “Anyone but Ryo-chan!”


There was absolutely no way he was going to call him. No! Dame! Nothing doing! Hell no! I mean, he can handle this on his own right? It’s probably just a dream. It’s just a dream so it’s all right to have real boobs and no ….no… thing.


“But if it’s a dream, then it’s alright to call him right?” His head started answering him, “If it’s a dream, then you can make amends and everything will be alright.”


“But what if it’s not a dream?” Yamapi whispered brokenly to himself, “I don’t want him to hate me.”


“Yamashita Tomohisa, just GO! You need him more than anyone else at this moment!”


Yamapi grabbed a shirt, his car keys and ran out of his apartment. May Kami-sama help him.




Ikuta Toma opened his eyes. Was that the doorbell? Who on earth would be visiting him at…He checked his clock.




He stood up from his bed and tried to find a shirt. The visitor was persistent. “HAI! HAI! Coming!” He said, giving up on looking for a shirt. Whoever it was will just have to accept the fact that he was wearing nothing but a sponge bob boxer shorts.


He opened the door. And found himself faced to faced with one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen in his life.


She was a doll. What else could she be?  Porcelain skin, long dark wavy hair, pink cheeks.


Toma noticed her eyes, the way they look familiar to him, the way those impossibly long eyelashes seem to haunt him. He stared as the girl pursed her lips and started crying. He watched as her eyelashes seem to sweep over her smooth pink cheek and a plump tear rolled down to her chin.


He also noticed one thing; she was wearing nothing but plain white shirt, which showed everything and skimpy boxer shorts, which does not even fit her amazingly small hips.


“Da…Daijoubu?” He asked, careful not to look anywhere below her face.


“Toma-kun! Taskette!” The girl wailed before launching herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and sobbing at his chest.



Anonymous said...

OMG that was awesome! I read the summary and thought it might turn out wierd with Pi being a girl but No! It was soooo coool! I love how you said Pi wont call bakanishi because there was no point in calling something who couldnt tell the difference. that cracked me up and probably will all day! hehe thanks for this fic i will surely have a great day after reading this. Please continue with a part two. I love it!

i luv_kofi_n_sushi said...

i really won't mind if those two end together in real life--there's no one better to pair them with, other than themselves...
waiting for the next chapter! keep it up!it's a nce one!