Monday, May 18, 2009

{Video} Ueda Tatsuya on SCP

Credits to newshfan@lj

Notes: I LOVE THIS INTERVIEW. I don't know why but I simply love UEDA. LOL, and I keep updating because...Just because?


shiibi said...

kyaaaaa I love tatchan too *---*!!!!
he sooo cute >ww<!!!
and I want fairy tatchan back too *---* !! hahahah thank you thank you
so so so so much for this video :3!!!!

shiibi said...

and tatchan: you´re not a weirdo D:!!
well you are xD but a good and cute one :3!!
that´s what makes tatchan so special *--*!!
PS: sorry but my other coment get cut off and I really wanted to say this xP ..Oh!! and I also love rocker tatchan with black hair *--*.. well I love all tatchans x3
and again thank you :3!!

Anonymous said...

Could you upload all of KAT-TUN's guestings in Shounen Club Premium ??