Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thank you's!

(Chibis' as christmas gifts anyone?)

Wow. This is the last day of my punishment! (posting everyday until christmas day.) I can't say  I didn't have fun. Personally,...This has been the most productive I have ever been!

So what can I say? Thanks for putting up with me and my quirks! Some of you must have had enough of JE boys and YAMAPI and SHIGE by now! I don't mean to spam you with these gorgeous lovable beings, it's just that I love them and I like showing it! *smiles*

Thanks to Shingung and Doda, (and sometimes lilly!) who seem to be here everyday, i'm actually quite touched. And to everyone (anonymous or not)  who visited my blog and who read my fanfictions. (Even when I RARELY update it) I appreciate the comments everyone left and my deepest thanks to everyone!

I'll try to continually update but knowing me, by tomorrow, i'd have forgotten all about this blog. Haha. 

Thanks guys! 

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