Monday, July 7, 2008


Disclaimer: Believe me, if these two were my own characters, they’d be doing enough “sexy time” to please even the non-Tomapi fangirls.

PG: G!


A/N: Go easy on me; this is my first TOMAPI fiction EVER.


Yamashita Tomohisa hated filming when the weather was not agreeable. He hated the icy climate and the cold studio in which they were shooting. He found that his lips are sensitive to the cold and tend to crack whenever exposed. He hated his weird perm and the blue scrub suit he needed to wear for his new drama. Thankfully, the Director decided to postpone the next scene as the backdrop to be used are ‘mysteriously’ missing. He entered his assigned dressing room, grabbed the blue blanket he found on top of the dresser and lay down on the comfy leather sofa intending to catch a few winks.

He licked his cracked lips.

“Maido ari.” He muttered before surrendering into a deep slumber.


Ikuta Toma loved cold weathers, he loved wearing his cool jackets and he loved feeling the cold wind brush against his face. He took the elevator to the 11th floor of the Fuji TV building and found himself smiling at the thought of seeing Yamashita again.

“When was the last time? 2 months ago? He thought to himself as the elevator door opened and big signs pointing to the dressing area greeted him. Toma scanned the rooms one by one until he saw his best friend sleeping in one of the dressing room sofas. 

He grinned.

Yamapi was wrapped in a blue blanket looking like a lost-puppy. 

“Tomohisa.” He whispered in Pi’s ear. “Moshi, moshi!”

The curly-haired J actor didn’t even move.

“Eh?” Toma took out his cell phone and took a picture of his ‘beloved’ best friend. He arranged the blue blanket comfortably around Pi and caressed the poor guy’s hair.

He noticed the cracked lips and chuckled to himself as he remembered that his friend hated the cold. He leaned down intending to wake the sleeping beauty to say hello, 

and THAT, was when he lost it.

Ikuta Toma impulsively pressed a kiss on Yamashita Tomohisa’s cold lips.

His best friend stirred.

Toma jumped back as far away as possible.


“Ore wa homo ja nai!” His mind kept repeating, “Oh God! What have I done?!” “That’s okay? Right? I mean we’re friends! FRIENDS! Friends kiss…Right? Shun and I kissed!..Right?”

He sneaked a peek at Pi.

Still sleeping.

Toma let out a sigh of relief and quietly let himself out.

He needed to think. “Where’s my phone?”


Yamashita opened his eyes and instantly knew that something was different. One, his blanket was wrapped snugly against him and two, he felt strangely giddy.

“I wonder why?” He checked his mails and found himself staring at a picture of him sleeping.

He laughed. Pi knew that only Toma would spend time sending things like that. Ryo would rather call and Jin would not even bother taking his picture. Much more, send it to him.

Yamapi texted his reply:

“You should have woken me up! I really wanted to see and talk to you!” And he really did. He missed Toma. He really liked having him around and hanging out with him, out of all his friends, Ikuta Toma was the only one who understood him the most.

“Oh I can’t do that. You looked so peaceful sleeping I didn’t  the heart to wake you up. Work hard Yamashita! I’ll also work hard.” – was Toma’s reply.

Yamapi felt his cheeks warm, “Baka! I don’t mind if it’s youSmall Heart" He answered as his assistant entered the room to inform him that the next scene will start shooting in 5 minutes.

He pocketed his phone and folded the blue blanket.

As he left the dressing room he realized something,

His lips aren’t cold anymore. 


Avidya Arcturus said...

Yeah, i love to comment...i am THE COMMENT QUEEEEEEN!!!...LOL
I really love this one too! so sweet! i love yamapi so much and i love seeing/reading fanfictions on them together!
Great job on this story too. I really thing you have a lot of tallent! Until then...and my the (inspiration)force be with i am such a nerd its not funny....its so not.

theonlydoda said...

haha! LOVE THE STORY NE~ hehe. i love the part where toma kissed pi and said ore wa homo janai and its ok to kiss cuz they are friends and he and shun kissed together before. hahaha!!! baka!

M Parker said...

That was really sweet! I wish I could write like this, so simple, but so great! I think I'll read more of your FanFics, They make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Woa~! I loved it, it was really sweet!!

Was it really your first TomaPi?? I don't know if I can believe it... it was so... (I don't have words to describe it...)

PS: I really loved it I'm going to read more of your fics right now!! =^__^=