Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Once upon a time

There was once a man named Akanishi Jin
Who was so in love with a man, it's a sin
unfortunately for him, there was this one small thing
the man he fell in love with was the great turtle pear king

He tried to stop whatever he was feeling,
but when he sees him, his heart won't stop beating.
He decided there was only one thing to do
To kiss Kamenashi Kazuya out of the blue.

So after practice he decided to stay,
to ask his beloved to come out and play
but his bandmate had, begged to disagree
according to him, he was just not free

So our prince had no choice but to take drastic measures,
he pounced on his beloved, to take his own pleasure!
The last thing he saw was the size of Kame's fist
and that was when he realized that maybe ignorance is bliss.

And so while the sun sets, watched by the pigeons
Akanishi Jin was sent into oblivion
And that was the last of our hip-swiveling prince
for he was never heard from again, that day on ever since.