Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My JE experience!

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(Too much love!)

Hey guys, since it's the new year, I feel like talking about myself because I feel like i'm starting to seem like a ditz the way I talk and all. Lol. So here are a few things about me in general.  

- For all my talk about NEWS and KATTUN, my fandom is actually ARASHI. Yes. You read that right. ARASHI. After 3 long years of fangirling them, I still can't choose a favorite. I love them all so much I can't even choose WHO to TALK about! I have their dvd's and posters and watched MOST of their shows no matter how weird some of it are because I rarely ever watched an episode which BORED me. (I got bored with CKTtun show.)  

- Yamapi is my ichiban. But I fangirl a lot of people. Just because I don't talk much about him, or post or litter my page with his pictures does not signify that i've lost interest. I love him because everytime I watch NwP. He makes me fall in love with him again and again and again.  

- For all my talk of Yamapi, I have a strong feeling that if i'm ever given the chance to meet him, i'll treat him more as a brother rather than a lover. Because I felt like i've known him for so long that it's almost...incestous. Lol. Which is why i've always said that my obsession with Pi will be determined the moment I meet him!  

- I liked Shige since I saw his new hairstyle in weeek. But no one seem to know him then, it's only lately when I started talking about him. The guy is lovable because he fails so so so so so so much. But man, can he write.  

- Jun-bait was what happened to me. Gokusen 1. The reason I got into JE fandom. Now I don't stay for Jun alone. I stay for all the GAY men in JE! (which means ALL of them)  

- PiKame was the first JE yaoi pairing I ever shipped. Yes. PiKame. NwP. I loved the ending. So so so so much. I still read fanfictions of them together. I can't help it. It was my first JE yaoi love.  

- My OTP is TomaPi. Because I saw Toma in HYD and got interested and learned that he was with Pi in 4tops. Watching their vids, I realized that Pi ALWAYS looked happy beside Toma. He didn't look like a ROBOT and he didn't have what we now call "fisheyes". I believe that Toma is good for Pi. And I hate Johnny for breaking them apart.

- YaMaki is my HET OTP. Because they look good together and they look good for each other!

- KoyaShige makes me "squee" a lot because it makes me think that this should be how TomaPi would be right now!

- NEWS is my 2nd favorite boyband because they are all SMART. (Yes! ALL!) I don't think Kei is as ditzy as he acts, nor do I believe that Massu is stupid or that Shige always fails.... Their interviews make the most sense out of all the JE bands. And they actually give answers which are logical!

- I don't hate KATTUN. Most people think I do but I don't. Life would be so boring without their constant bickerings and slutty-tumes and sheer idiocy. They win at being bad.

- I hate HSJUMP. This is very very very true. I don't hate the members, just the fact that they are all young and looked too ready to do whatever just to make it. I'm scared for them.

- I love: Yamapi, Toma, Tsubasa, Tsuyoshi, Guchi-Maru-Ueda, all of news, Okada-Ken, Taichi-Joshima-Nagase, ARASHI, Ohkura and Kusano Hironori. Yes, Notti.

- I know that JE people can RARELY sing, act, dance, host at the same time, but even when they lack all of those and the looks, they still bait me. Stupid JE packaging.

- I love Ishigaki of Question. I want to feel his hands.

- I could never understand how NEWS costumes look like rags while Kattun costumes look like sluts. News can't even afford proper make-up and hairstylists while Kattun is littered with eyeliners and lipgloss. Plus Jin has really fluffy hair.

- I believe that TEGOSHI is GOD because no one in NEWS is yet to suffocate from their costumes. Except maybe for Shige.

- I don't care what ARASHI wears. They can hold a concert in drag for all I care, i'd still be joining the party.

- And lastly, I have no idea how I managed to stay in fandom for three years. SERIOUSLY.


shingung said... always i enjoyed your post about JE fangirling...and gawd...3 years...should I say congratulations..for im just a year im not sure if i had saw yamapi first in prodai or tsuyoshi in summer snow..but all i know is...i was watching a jdorama last year's new year!..pathetic eh..hehehehe...

theonlydoda said...

well. i think we are tie tho. yes!!! me too! 3 yrs!! haha! only that it's lacking. thank go i have you. i still remember them now. and not to forget them cus now im fangirling korean right now! omg! u should do that too! lols.

PS at last u updated this! haha!

c0rin said...

@S: Yes! 3 years! It's too much really! I'll give myself till 25 or something! I don't fangirl the young anymore. I think it ended with Kattun! After them, I don't care who debuts anymore unless it's Toma. . .

@Doda: I do fangirl Korean bands, but only in music. their lives are sooooo BORING!

shingung said...

c0rin..i think fangirling doesn't have an age limitation..bwahaha...but you're right don't fangirl the young anymore..i'll stick with Tegomass and NEWS because as you said they are a smart group hahaha..maybe if I ever got the chance to watch live performance of them i can die peacefully..bwahahhahaa.....

and @doda..i agree with c0rin i find some korean bands live boring...but voice wise I salute them..hehehe

griffin_ said...

corina! wow, lots of new posts! puro hapon! (well, almost) haha. exept for your tomapi and ryo, i don't know anyone else in the japan celebrity-dom. uhm, all the best in fangirling! (don't know if i use that word right, hehe)

bb said...

omg! my eyes were popping out reading this entry! some of those things were so on parallel with what i thought that i was like
O.O at the screen! matsujun (in HYD n Gokusen) hooking me onto JE, watching nwp and pikame, still reading shuuji/akira even though i don't like pikame anymore, moving onto tomapi (found out bout toma through maou...), toma's my ichiban <3 n SO agreeing with rags-News and sluts-KAT-TUN... why?!?! So yeah... wow! I've only been into them for a year i think but still ... wow at all the parallels