Friday, December 5, 2008


They stared at each other while her parents look on. 

He smirked at her. "Well, hello again. So when do you want to get married?" 

"How unromantic." Maki raised her perfectly shaped eyebrows. "I heartily decline."

Her mother let out a  little laugh, "Now, now, Maki-chan, really, we talked about this. How about next month? It's christmas and --"

"I said, I decline." She stood up and made an action to leave. His smooth voice stopped her. 

"Whether you accept or decline does not matter, your parents have accepted my proposition and frankly, I own you now." His smile mocked her. "Unless of course, you want you and your parents to be out of business and living in the streets within the next 24 hours?" 

She blinked at him. "What?" her head turned to face her father, "What?" 

Horikita Saotome met her daughter's eyes. "Yamashita-san now owns the company. Your mother---That is...We..we borrowed money from him to save the company from bankruptcy but we weren't able to pay it."

"I don't understand! What has this have to do with me?! I don't need the company! I can live on my own! And surely you have enough money to last you a lifetime?!" She asked her mother. Aghast. 

Her groom to be laughed, "No. They don't. Why do you think they pawned you to me?" He winked at her, his face laughing, but his eyes, colder than snow. He stood up from his chair and tilted her chin up to face him.  "Your family is poor now. Your dad won't stop gambling and your mother cares more about what society thinks more than she cares about you. So suck it up and choose a wedding date princess. We are getting married."

"Yamashita-san!" Maki's mother voiced out, "That is not true, I care about my daugh--"
"Stop." Her father interrupted and faced the young tycoon. "We'll leave you two to talk." He bowed and dragged his wife outside, closing the door behind him. 

She pushed his hands away from her face and sat down on the sofa, "I won't marry you. You asshole, i'd sooner fuck your lover." 

Maki saw his eyebrow raise, "Interesting...I have a lover? Pray tell, inform me about her, i'd love to know my taste in women."

"In men, you mean." 

She was not prepared for the next scene. The so-called young tycoon opened his mouth and let out a booming laugh. His eyes crinkled at the corners and his face looked younger, healthier....

He looked beautiful, Maki couldn't tear her eyes away from his face. He had the reddest lips she had ever seen in a man. 

"My relationship with Toma is of no concern of yours but since you're going to be my wife. Expect to see him in the odd moments of the day."

"Are you deaf?! I said I won't marry you!" She shouted at him, "I will not! I won't! I don't care if we go bankrupt, I can fend for myself! No once can force me to marry you!"

Yamashita sighed mockingly, "So young and so selfish. Did you once even think about your parents? Your mother will lose all her friends, your father, his business partners. Where will they go? What will they do? Both of them are used to the rich, easy life. What will happen to you? Barely out of college and nowhere to go? Sooner of later you're going to end up using your body to support yourself. Would you really want that?" 

"I can work! People will hire me! I'm sure my parents have benefits and can live on their own."

He tskd' and gathered his coat. "Stop being silly dear, I think you're misunderstanding the situation. Your parents owe me money, they can't pay and even when they used the company as collateral, it isn't worth much." 

Maki eyed him warily as he leaned down and whispered, "That's why your mother sold you. She accepted money for it. A large amount, if I may add. If you as much as run out on our wedding, I will hunt your family down and you can be sure all of you will suffer the consequences of my wrath."

She stared shocked at the cold, unfamiliar face looming before her. 
He moved forward and pressed a surprisingly warm kiss on her frozen lips. 

"Sleep tight Maki-chan."

Was the last thing she remember him say. 


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh my god how cooooooooool

hury with the episode 3

i cant wait to read it

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cant wait for the next episode!!!

Anonymous said...

*fangirls scream* nice story ^^ keep it up

Anonymous said...

waaa i am so excited for the next episode...

CocoPi said...

Please continue!! LOVE IT

aoi-chan09 said...


cant wait to read episode 3!!


Anonymous said...

Could possibly be the Most beneficial topic that i browsed through all week?!

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