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Maki is a snobby, bratty girl who cares for nothing but herself. She spends her days stepping on men's heart and bringing shame to her family. Coming from a traditional rich family her family's business is about
 to be declared bankrupt. To save face, (and the company), her parent's decided to arrange her marriage to one of the self-made richest man in Japan, Yamashita Tomohisa. 

The death of Yamapi's parents made him a stoic, gruff man who thinks he doesn't need anybody to live, and certainly not anybody whom he can "love". At a young age, he was forced to support himself and using his superior 
intellect, managed to become one of Japan's richest men. Unfortunately, he needed a traditional rich wife, who will be his entrance key to Japan's traditional society. While he had the money, he didn't have the "class" to be considered as one of "them". 

Both hated each other's guts at first sight, He thinks she's a stupid, hypocrite brat and She thinks he's a robot, incapable of human emotion. But gradually, Maki had learned that beneath Yamapi's rough exterior lies a sweet man who can make her heart beat faster and her life seem meaningful. 

But can the two make it when everybody around them, including them, seem to think that they are "two worlds apart?"

Episode 1: An unexpected meeting

"You are going to marry the man whether you want to or not. He will come here at 9 tonight." Horikita Nanami told her belligerent daughter who was currently seething with rage. Maki slammed her fist down the dinner table. "Iyada! Zettai IYADA!" she shouted at her mother, her usually soft brown eyes almost turning black with anger. "When hell freezes over! I am not going to marry a man I have never met, much more love! I don't even know anything about him! For all we know, he was a serial killer who just made it big!" 

"Eto...Calm down dear, Maki-chan. Please" Horikita Saotome interrupted, "We're having dinner and this is not the place to shout at each other." 
"Then tell your wife to stop messing with my life!" Maki reacted. "This is all your fault! You should have said something sooner before it got to this! I'm leaving!" She stood up from her place and ran towards the center hall.

"RETURN AT 9pm or i'll have the guards look for you and tie you up." Nanami looked at her husband with cold eyes. "What happened to us?" she softly asked the man whom she once respected. "If you weren't so involved in your gambling and your endless supply of women, we wouldn't be here now." 
Saotome looked down on his beefsteak. "I'm sorry, I am."
"It's too late now. She WILL marry him. We have finalized the arrangement." 


Yamashita Tomohisa checked his watch for the nth time. He hated waiting for people, much more, people making him wait. But he supposed that it couldn't be helped this time. Either his friend got stuck in taping or was mobbed by fans and is probably lying in some hospital in a coma. He checked his watch again."Must be the former." He sighed and stir his coffee, really? How many times must he do this for that guy? 

He heard the door opened and checked the newcomer, he felt a little weird watching her. The girl had been crying but that didn't stop him from noticing that she had a pretty face. It wasn't stunning, in fact, his former fiancee was 10 times prettier. But she had a short hair which framed her face perfectly and eyes which make him want to stare at them for all night. He was about to make eye contact when a guy approached her and she immediately paid him much attention. Yamashita smirked. "I see, one of those girls huh?" he thought. 

He heard the door again and raised both his eyebrows at the person who entered and slid inside his booth in front of him. The guy was wearing a trench coat and ski hat.
"Honto ni gomen nasai!" Ikuta Toma apologized, smiling sheepishly. "Johnny-san needed me to do another guesting for Shounen Club. I hope you didn't wait long."
"Approximately 37 minutes." The business tycoon answered coldly. "It's 7:52 PM.
"Oh come on Pi! I tried to call! You never answered."
"I didn't bring it and don't call me YamaPi." He didn't really mind, but sometimes he felt weird being called the name only his parents and Toma call him. 
His childhood friend laughed carelessly, "It's been three months since we last saw each other and you are still as cold as ever. If I didn't know you better, i'd hate you for being mean! Let me call you Yamapi. I like Yamashita Tomohisa but it's Yamapi who is my friend." Toma took the fork in his friend's plate and took all the icing from the cake. 
Yamapi glared. "You make me sound like a split personality and you can order your own dessert you know."
"Don't mind, don't mind. You hate icing anyway." The bubbly actor licked his (gorgeous, gorgeous) lips. "So what's up? Why the call?"
Yamapi took out an engagement ring and slid it to his friend, "Here, I want you have it."
Toma dropped the fork and choked on his cake. "Eh?..*cough*..Eh?!..*cough*..EHHHHHHHHHHH?!!!! .....Nanda?! Nani! Nani?! Dou....Dou...Doushite?!" he stood up and moved around flailing his arms and walking in circles as Yamapi watched him,"Eh?! But we're both MEN!" 
The business tycoon glared at the idiot and pulled him down to sit. "Let us not be moronic. I want you to be my best man. I'm getting married." 
"I found a girl from a traditional family with a failing business. She marries me she gets money to save them from bankruptcy. The wedding's next week. Wear white."


Maki stole glances at the two people behind the guy who was sitting in front of her. One, she knew was the actor Ikuta Toma, the coat and the hat did a good job of hiding the face. But she knew better, she had seen him at a party once and he had this aura which made her want to smile whenever she sees him. be it TV or in person. What she was wondering about was the other guy who seem to be the grouchiest looking man she had ever laid eyes on. His face remained expressionless and uncaring whatever Toma does. She was crushing on him a little until he presented the actor an engagement ring. Maki couldn't contain her laughter as the famous actor started jumping around,"Eh?! Super best couple huh?" she couldn't hear what he answered but from what she can see, they seem to be talking seriously about something. "maybe their wedding." She whispered to herself.

"Are you listening to me?" The guy she didn't know asked her, waving his hand in front of her face.
"Ah! Gomen, gomen, I was trying to remember something." she apologized, "I'm sorry, I have to go!" Maki stoop up and was about to ho when the guy pulled her to him.
"Oh, come on kitty-chan! Don't be cold, spend the night with me!"
"LET me go!" She slapped his hand away and went out of the diner. She was walking to her car when the guy covered her mouth and pushed her against the wall in the back of the diner.
"I SAID, LET's GO TOGETHER." The crazy guy threatened. "Let's have fun."
"No!" Maki tried to scream, crying, she shook her head.
"Silly girl, did you think I was going to let you get away?"
"Let her go." A voice interrupted the, "Or i'll call the police."
Maki tried to see who it was but before she could, she fainted from shock. 


"Wake up." A voice was telling her. 
She opened her eyes and found herself looking at the coldest black irises she had ever seen. "It's him!" she thought as she sat up and tried to focus her eyes. "Arigato" she whispered then looked around. She was in his car. A BMW. "Thank you very much."
The man straightened himself and handed her a tissue. "I have an appointment, so if you feel better get out of my car."
"Well you don't have to be rude!" She growled as she gathered her things and went out.
The cold man slid inside his car, "Next time you try to prostitute yourself, choose a better man." He told her bitingly before he sped away, leaving Horikita Maki, seething with rage.


She entered her house and was about to proceed directly to her room when her maid Nakao met her, "Your parents and Yamashita-san are waiting for you in the study. Maki blinked, it was already past 2AM. 
"Still?" she asked.
The maid nodded, "Hai."
Maki sighed and made her way to the library. It was time to meet her future husband. 


Anonymous said...

I'm a fanfiction writer for anime and I just love Yamaki. I thought this story is good, has potential and I can sense very, very good drama will be coming. Keep up the good work.

I support Yamaki!

theonlydoda said...

omg! that was really good. love it. i shouted like hell when i read toma is in the scene. haha!! just love the story plot. feel like publishing this episode, but im just a normal 15 yrs old gal.. haha. just love it. can't imagine if your story was shown on tv. haha! ^___^

theonlydoda said...

when is the next episode? i wanna know!!!

BookMark said...

this is so nice i want to read the next episode >.<

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ohmo...this is a good one..sorry i just read it..hahhaa....wishing it can be a drama....and i love it more when Toma was there...ganbatte ne!