Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thin line

Title: Thin line
Pairing: Yamashita Tomohisa and Ikuta Toma
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Summary: Toma doesn't know where they stand.

“Tadaima.” Ikuta Toma smiled fondly at the scene which greeted him.

Yamahita Tomohisa was asleep, naked underneath the soft, comfortable blanket Toma used to cover their bed. He watched the sleeping figure; a sleeping Yamapi is a beautiful Yamapi. His skin glowed in the pale moonlight and his face looked as fragile as a child. Sometimes, Toma feels that his lover is ethereal.

He leaned down at the bundled figure and pressed a soft kiss on its temple.

Except for a soft moan, Toma received no other reaction. He let out a tired sigh then proceeded to remove his clothes and entered the shower stall.

He felt confused.

They have been sleeping together for the past two months and yet not one of them defined their relationship. They weren’t together, together but neither were they just best friends. It was as if they were somewhere in between but no one wants to say it out loud.

It was very frustrating.

He remembered the day well, Yamapi invited to treat him out to a celebratory dinner as congratulations on his new drama. They both came from work and were wearing only jeans and shirts, looking like teenagers on a prowl. Somehow, they ended up on a seaside restaurant in the middle of nowhere and had the time of their lives. It was a fun evening full of running jokes and reminiscing about their Shounen club days while tasting each others’ food and just enjoying each other’s company.

After dinner, they walked along the shoreline and exchanged gossip about Takki’s new favorite, Tegoshi’s love for bananas and something about Jin undergoing brain transplant being the real reason why he went to LA. Toma had pushed Yamapi in the cold water and in return his so –called best friend pulled Toma along with him.

“Mou~! Pi!”

“That’s what you get for attempting to push me!”

Both wet, they laughed about the silliest things like Kanjani8 and goats and how can a starfish stay alive above water and why can’t they eat anything they want without ever getting fat and how life is so unfair because Bakanishi is fat and no one ever cares.

“It’s the hips.”

“I can roll my hips that way too!”

Toma had rolled his eyes and flicked Yamapi’s forehead, “Baka! Everyone loves you.” He remembered saying while he sat on the surprisingly warm sand and patted the space beside him. Yamapi had smiled, took a seat next to him and rested his head on Toma’s shoulder.

“I really am your weakness, aren’t I?” Yamapi asked softly.

“You really are.” He replied, touching his best friend’s cheek. “You really, really are.”

In a moment of insanity, he tilted his head and pressed a soft kiss on Yamapi’s head. His best friend responded by dropping a wet kiss on his shoulder.

“That tickles!” Toma giggled.


Yamapi, acting like his old character, Akira, bit his earlobe.



Toma had laughed and somehow, they ended up in bed together that night. In a way, he knew that it was a long time coming, they were best friends but they both knew that there was something more there. They just refused to acknowledge it until that night.

Morning came and a sleepy, grumpy Yamapi woke him up complaining about how everything hurts and how Toma was a big bad monster. Toma, on his part, had the audacity to act confused, then look embarrassed as realization dawned.

He stared at his best friend’s blank face. “Do you regret it?”

Yamapi bit his lip, smiled. “I don’t regret doing anything with you.”

Before they knew it, they were living together, sharing Toma’s one bedroom apartment like what most couples do. His bedroom is now littered with Pi’s clothes and Doraemon DVD’s and his bathroom always smelled like rose shampoo. It was an ideal situation and he was happy. Except that he didn’t know what Yamapi felt for him, they’ve discussed every aspect of their relationship except love.

Toma turned off the shower and rubbed himself dry; he donned one of Yamapi’s old, tattered sweatpants before slipping inside the warm covers of his bed. He took a deep breath and leaned close to brush Yamapi’s silky bangs of his face.

“Hey Pi?”

His best friend stirred,.. “…uhgnh?” Sat up, “You’re back!”

Toma’s fingertips touched the face he loved so well, “Why are you with me?” he asked softly, looking into his lovers eyes, “I want to know.”

Yamapi pulled him close and touched their foreheads together, “Isn’t that obvious?” his Tomohisa whispered, smiling into Toma’s troubled eyes, “I’m with you because you’re my weakness too."


shingung said...

waaaaaaaaaaaahh so fluffy...this is nice....and i love you more by just mentioning tegoshi bwahahaha....

gosh i think im turning currently addicted reading fanfics..yaoi fanfics of NEWS bwahahahaa....

again..nice one...more more....LOL

Anonymous said...

I declare myself your fan right now!!
I really loved it!! (it's not a big deal, I swear, because I love all your fics)
I especially loved the "Because you're my weakness too" part (which's the end, so I liked the end a lot ^^U)

I hope you write more TomaPi!!
Aww~ I will be waiting for more, jejeje...