Friday, December 19, 2008

A home-cooked meal

In this house, we have EVERYTHING but REAL food. I am serious! We have blueberry cheesecakes, brownies, fruit cake, chocolate cake, chocolates. We have all kinds of juices! Softdrinks, cocoa, coffee, water, milk, fruit and about a million and a half flavors of tea. 

When you open our fridge, we have 3 kinds of cheese, the melted kind, the normal kind and parmesan. We have all the ingredients for a vegetable salad like cucumber, raisin, lettuce, and all the green stuff! We have 2 butters and 3 kinds of ketchup plus different brands of hot sauce and about 4 kinds of salad dressing.

Our cupboard has all the seasonings from soy sauce to oregano to virgin coconut oil to weird dried leaves which smells really good. (I suspect it's Marijuana. Lol.) 

Our side table is filled with pomelos, bananas, coconuts, mangos, avocados, and even scary looking passion fruits. 

In other words, we have everything, but nothing! In this house, there's no MEAT of any kind. Oh, there's a few chicken wings or so, a fish no bigger than my thumb, maybe even pork which looks like it's been there since I was born. 

Every meal time, I call my mother and ask. "What are we eating for dinner?" She would just say, "Whatever you can find." 

(And then people wonder why I burn down kitchens!) 

No, seriously, my family thrives on TAKE-OUTS. I think half the fastfood center within our vicinity has made enough money from us. We've done chinese, italian, japanese, american, german and just about everything in here which has food delivery and take outs. 

This week alone, I ate McDonald's thrice, kfc twice and pizza hut earlier this evening. Honestly, I think we're all going to develop kidney stone one of these days! It's the christmas season and all we ever eat is fastfood. 

I want to eat a home cooked meal! I want soup! I want ramen with everything! I want katsudon! I want pecking duck! I want chopsuey! I want some sort of hotpot! I don't even remember the last time I ate normal food! I want real food! Something which lasts! I can't stomach take outs anymore. 

I can already feel my artery hardening. 

(And while I type this i'm actually eating cake and drinking pineapple juice. Yeah, I have no resolve. Lol.) 

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