Sunday, December 21, 2008

KoyaShige Fanfiction: Pissed


He was pissed. It had been a long day full of tapings, TV performances and appearances. It didn't help that Nishikido-aniki was out to annoy him. For the entire day, Ryo hid his cellphone, fed him a whole chicken and spilled juice down his front to name a few. He was trying to cool his head by unsuccessfully packing his belongings alone in the NEWS dressing room when his idiot of a best friend invaded his reprieve and started chattering about anything under the sun. 

Needless to say, Kato Shigeaki was not amused.

"Will you please shut up?!" He shouted at his unsuspecting best friend.

Koyama immediately shut his mouth and stared at him. Blinked. 

"Shige...Are you alright?" He immediately asked, pulling the younger man down to sit on the couch and touching his forehead. "Do you need me to get you anything?" 

The law student sighed and closed his eyes, intending to catch a few winks. "No. Just please, go and leave me alone. I have so many things to do and i'm dead tired." 

He felt the other side of the couch lift and heard Koyama move about the room doing something. A few minutes later, he felt a hand on his shoulder.


Shige slowly lifted his lids and had to smile.

"Sorry for shouting at you." He said sleepily as he accepted his now packed things and set them on the couch beside him.

The older man laughed and leaned down to touch their foreheads together, "Ryo went over the line huh? That's alright Shiggy-chan, one day when you pass the bar, you'll sue him and i'll be your witness."

Shiggy-chan smirked and flicked his bestfriends' forehead, "Thanks Kei." 

"You're welcome." Koyama said before he leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss on the side of Shigeaki's lips. "Happy holidays" he whispered before he straightened himself and went out the door. 

Shige stared at the empty doorway, shocked. 

"Baka." He murmured then smiled.  

Maybe he should act pissed all the time. 


shingung said...

ohmo...whew!!! i can just imagine koyashige...dang they are so gay...

c0rin said...

True. No one in JE can ever compare. Haha.

theonlydoda said...

omg. i dead. lol. ok. i was so shocked reading that. okok. NOO! not my shige. but whatever it is, i wanna see him pissed. haha. never saw him got that angry. must be HOT seeing him pissed. lol.

c0rin said...

I love seeing Shige fail. He's hilarious! And yeah, I will always see him as gay for Koyama. Maybe if Ke wasn't around...

massu_lover said...

omg i loved it that was so cute i coud so see them doing that lol. poor shige ryo is always picking on him don't worry i'll give you a hug lol

aoi-chan09 said...

kyaaa!!! koyashige!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Kyaaaaaaa~ Its so fluffy xD I can totally imagine them like this xD