Sunday, March 29, 2009

Because sometimes life is so HUH?

GAD, last night I was in my mom's office making use of her internet connection when I decided to eat out. When I went, I didn't realize that I didn't lock the door! So when I returned, I found out that ALL our light bulbs were STOLEN!!!


I don't even get it! My bag, my laptop, my phone and ipod plus money was in my bag which I left in the office, but they stole our BULBS!

I understand that we needed to participate in Earth hour but to steal our LIGHTS?! 

Isn't that a bit drastic?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Because sometimes I am insane!

I am again reminded why ARASHI is my favorite JE boy band.


I keep wondering what if the following JE groups are in their position:

Rest of ARASHI: MatsuJun would start acting DoS"y" and pretend to be calm even though the rest of the world can see that he's the one panicking the most. Ohno would help but Sho will need to command him, otherwise he'll just....stare and wait. Aiba would PANIC! And shout all things AIBA-like and be all "Help! Help! Help!" Sho would lead and Nino will continue to sleep.

NEWS: Yamapi would give incoherent commands. Since he is a my pace sort of guy, he'll probably stare for a while before coming to a conclusion of what to do. Ryo would actually be of help, being all relaxed and trying to scoop water or something, of course, he'll be all snarky and think "THEY DON'T FUCKING PAY ME ENOUGH FOR THIS!" Tegoshi would whisper "Believe" every two seconds or so while Massu would be all hyper and panicky and would probably start dancing just because. Koyama will PANIC and talk and talk and talk and shout and talk and shout and shout and shout and flail and shout until Ryo won't be able to take it anymore and just push him in the water to shut him up. Shige will just wail on and on about "WHY IS THIS MY LIFE AND THIS IS OBVIOUSLY KOYAMA's FAULT." Then when he survives, he'll make Wagahai blog and explain WHY EXACTLY IS THE WHOLE THING KOYAMA's fault.

KATTUN: Bakanishi, true to being Bakanishi will let out girly screams and attempt to save himself but not really because he sort of fails when it comes to these things. Kame will tell Koki and Junno to help him dislodge water so that they actually stand a chance. Koki will choke with all the bling he's got because how can you not choke with all that crap? While Taguchi continues to row with a smiling face no matter what happens even when half his body is under-water. While this is going on, Nakamaru will talk to himself and say things like "What to do, what to do." or "Kowaii, Kowaii." Maybe he'll shout a few times and bother Ueda, who will be serene and act as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening because he is aware that there are cameras and rescue squads around them to help when they actually need it. Kame will shout again and again and will be frustrated. Poor guy.

KANJANI8: Will abandon ship and swim to shore the moment it's penetrated by water.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Because sometimes I am NOT lazy!

Well, I have decided to stop being lazy and update at least twice a week. (We'll see how this works, considering how lazy I am, i'll probably be bored by TOMORROW!)

Nothing exciting is going on. Life is busy but completely BORING! Ever since I lost my net connection at home, I lost interest in anything and everything. Though I have been sleeping better. It used to be, I sleep at 4AM, nowadays, i'm dead to the world by the time the clock strikes 10PM. I am that much of a loser.

I feel like a granny. Lol.

I've watched Taken and WOW. Was that a good movie or what? I have not read the reviews but I like how straightforward it was. No big confusing issues I have to keep up with. Plus, the VIOLENCE is A+!

Yup, i'm very much a violent person. I like watching people trying to beat each other or something. (I don't condone it though) But movies like saw and jason and Friday the 13th thrills me.

I've also watched Knowing and it was....Not really all that. Just,...So-so? Unbelievable. I don't really believe in whatever the movie was trying to convey but only because "end of the worlds" movies aren't really my thing. Though I want to watch 2012.

Not much happens in my life other than the constant flux of THINGS TO DO.

Here, have a TomaPi!

Aren't they just in LOVE?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fic bribes?


“Hey! Let go!” a newly debuted Yamashita Tomohisa laughed at his best friend, whose hug he enthusiastically returned.

“Iyada!” Toma answered, squeezing tighter. “I haven’t properly seen you in months!”

“Will you please cut the gayness?” Matsumoto Jun glared at them, “You’re making me lose my lunch.” He added as he closed his bento and pushed it away.

His seatmate laughed as he pulled Yamapi to sit next to him. “Leave them alone,” Tackey ruffled Pi’s hair. “They missed each other.” He grinned at Toma, “You guys are always so cute at whatever age.”

Toma laughed as Yamapi took a shrimp from his plate and started stuffing himself. “At least we’re still friends.”

“Eh? We’ll always be friends.” His best friend declared, mouth full of food. “Won’t we?”

“Of course Tomopi!” Toma leaned forward playfully, intending to air kiss Yamapi’s cheek when the guy chose that moment to face him.

“OI!” Jun practically screeched while Tackey looked amused. “Stop being disgusting and disturbing!”

Pi stuck his tongue out at the ARASHI member and continued eating as if nothing out of the ordinary just happened. “It’s okay.” He smiled at the sputtering, incoherent Toma.


Yamapi flicked her forehead.

"Ow!" Maki smacked his arm.

He smiled. "Cute." 

She rolled her eyes, "Don't you have anything better to do?" 

Pi pulled her closer to him, "Let's go out on a date." 


Dr. Aizawa sat down on one of the cafeteria chairs and started on his lunch. The new hospital he was assigned at was understaffed and so far, he already performed 4 surgeries. He had 3 more to do before the day ends. 

"You dropped this." A formal girl approached him and handed over his ID. Her namecard says Yoshikawa Tsurara. 

"Arigatou." He watched the girl leave before he realized why she looked so familiar. A lawyer. The girl is a famous lawyer who specializes in cases involving swindling. He continued eating. 

You're Aizawa right?" A red-head attendant asked him, "My name is Ishizue Ryosuke, i'm supposed to take you to the 6th floor operating room, you can wait here while I fetch Dr. Asou Haruto, he's the specialist." 

Aizawa sighed and finished his lunch. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

The man who burned my kitchen

But nevertheless, the photographer, (Shige) has MAJOR skills. <3!

Anyway, I noticed that most of my online friends like to describe me as either "interesting" or "weird" any explanations you guys might like to tell me?

I'll bribe you with a fic! (Give me a prompt!) Lol.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Title: Comfortable
Pairing: Yamashita Tomohisa and Ikuta Toma
Genre: fluff?
Rating: PG
Summary: Because their relationship is comfortable.

Yamashita Tomohisa blinked.

“Yo!” Ikuta Toma smiled as he pushed his way inside his best friends’ house. “So what shall we do?”

“Toma, I said call me when you have free time, not stalk me. It’s fucking 2 AM! What the hell are you doing here?!” He followed his friend who walked to the direction of his kitchen.

Toma looked at him, “Eeeh?! I thought it was only 12 or something! Gomenasai!” he smiled sheepishly at Pi, “Can I eat before I leave? I’ve been shooting voice and I haven’t eaten since 4 in the afternoon.”

“Wait, you went here directly after shooting?” Yamapi asked, aghast. He knew for a fact that his friend shoots in Osaka and will need to ride the train for 3 hours just to reach him. “Toma…” he uttered, trying to ignore the fact that his face felt like a red tomato. “You didn’t have to.”

His best friend laughed, “It’s okay, it’s been so long since we hanged-out together. I’m just sorry I arrived so late. I left at 10 and slept on the train, I guess I was disoriented and thought it was still early. Gomenasai!” he bowed.

Yamapi hit his head gently, “Baka! It’s alright, just sleep here. The extra futon is in the cleaners but we can share my bed. It’s big enough for both of us.” He explained as he rummaged their fridge for food. He took out a pack of gyoza and slipped it inside the microwave to heat it. “You know where everywhere is, feel free to get what you need and freshen up while I make you something.”


Yamapi boiled a pot of tea and sliced himself a chocolate cake. He wasn’t particularly fond of sweets but his sister made it for him and his mom for valentines’ day and he has yet to taste it. He got a bowl of rice, placed the gyoza on the table and sat down. Toma sat opposite him, clad in a pair of Yamapi’s gray sweats and a black razorback shirt.

“Itadakimasu!” Toma said before biting into the meat. He smiled happily at Yamapi who was staring at him. “How are you?” He asked after he swallowed the rice.

His best friend sighed. “Bored. There’s nothing in my schedule until next month. I keep watching animes and old episodes of shounen club.”

“Well! Why don’t you go out and have fun! Meet girls or something!” Toma suggested while he eyed Pi’s cake.

Pi pouted. “But everyone’s busy! Including you! Even mabudachi is nowhere to be found! I’m bored!” he whined at his best friend while he forked a slice of cake and slipped it inside Toma’s mouth unconsciously.

“Well, I’m here now!” The older one chewed, “Uwaah! This is delicious!” He declared as he pushed his tea towards the pouty-faced Pi.

“My sister made it.” Yamapi said and took a sip from Toma’s cup. “Here, you can have the cherry.” He said as he held the fruit out to Toma who immediately bit into it.

“I should marry your sister!”

The younger one glared at him. “If you become my brother in law, I’ll kill you.”

Toma winked, “Well, what if I become your sister’s brother in law?”

“For that to happen you need to marry me!” Yamapi announced.

“Eh? Are you asking me? Sure!”


“Ehehe. Kidding, kidding!” Ikuta Toma stood up and started washing the dishes. He handed the washed utensils to the permed guy beside him, who started drying it with an old rug.

They tidied the kitchen before going to Yamapi’s room.

“So….” Toma began as he eyed the twin bed, “Are we also going to place 3 pillows in the middle? You know…So our eyes won’t meet?”

Pi laughed, “Don’t mock KoyaShige, those two might be idiots but they’ll get there.” He opened the comforter and slipped inside while Toma switched off the lights before bouncing on the bed. Pi hit him again. “I’ll push you off if you kick me!” He threatened

Toma smiled in the dark.

“So what are your plans for tomorrow?” He asked conversationally as he snuggly wrapped himself and his friend in the warm comforter. He moved closer, trying to see the guy’s face in the dark.

Pi pumped a pillow and handed it to him, “Nothing, you?”

“I have a day off, wanna be my date?” Toma asked as he placed the pillow on under his head.

The younger of the two smiled shyly, “Sure. Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know, anywhere is fine, do you want to go somewhere special?”

“Yeah. If it’s okay with you…I’d like to ride a ferris wheel again.” Yamapi whispered.

His best friend stared at him.

“Not if you don’t want though.” Pi immediately backtracked, “I was just reminiscing, I mean it’s alright, you can wait for me while I ride…. Please don’t laugh I’m serious!” He shouted, “Oi!”

Toma traced Pi’s forehead lines. “You’re cute when you’re flustered. I’d love to ride it with you again. It’s a date.” He whispered as he planted a kiss on his friend’s forehead. Then moved to Yamapi’s cheeks, his nose, and finally, his lips.

Yamapi opened his lips as he felt a warm tongue invade his mouth. He tried to contain his moan but it left his mouth the moment Toma licked his lower lip. “Mmmm..” he protested as Toma’s mouth left his. “Why did you stop?” he whimpered.

Toma wrapped his hands around Pi’s chest and dropped a soft kiss on the shell of his ear.

“Don’t worry Tomohisa. We have all the time in the world.”

Yamapi smiled.

Yes, they have all the time in the world.

Who knows? Maybe they can make out tomorrow in the Ferris wheel.