Sunday, March 29, 2009

Because sometimes life is so HUH?

GAD, last night I was in my mom's office making use of her internet connection when I decided to eat out. When I went, I didn't realize that I didn't lock the door! So when I returned, I found out that ALL our light bulbs were STOLEN!!!


I don't even get it! My bag, my laptop, my phone and ipod plus money was in my bag which I left in the office, but they stole our BULBS!

I understand that we needed to participate in Earth hour but to steal our LIGHTS?! 

Isn't that a bit drastic?


shingung said...

wahahaha im first again...all i can say is MAJIDE??????

Anonymous said...

wad kind of thief is that!? are ur light bulbs made of diamonds or sth?


gawd i love that tomapi pic...i love ANY tomapi pics:) quick! send areea-chan this image and get her to write abt tomapi going to some exotic places for holiday with their balloony dog!

Anonymous said...

out of those things. LIGHT BULB? Gosh!
and yeah. save earth period.
bulbs. out of so many things.

c0rin said...

As in! LIGHT BULB!! I don't even understand WHY?!