Sunday, April 5, 2009



I was gone for a few days and everyone turned STRAIGHT?! What's happening everyone!


CocoPi said...

I think their cute together XD and lmao yeah everybody is straight now hehe D:<

c0rin said...

They are cute together! Lol. Just that, they're YOUNG! Although granted, Leah Dizon is also young. Oh well. One less Ikemen in teh world to go after. : )

Anonymous said...

well. i saw this at first and i was like WHAT!? it can't be but its sweet. she's sick right. so i hop ehe can actually protect her.

&& what happen to the gays? i mean OUR gays... err~

shingung said...

yo c0rin...i was curious about the vid since the first time i saw it it was all white hehehe..YT is blocked right? i thought it was the PV of NEWS bwahahhaa...but then its our fave butler...minus 1 ikemen in japanese entertainment....

err..she's sick...what is the sickness..oh well i better find it...hehehe..

nice to see you updating again..hoping for more..hehehe..