Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Because sometimes I am NOT lazy!

Well, I have decided to stop being lazy and update at least twice a week. (We'll see how this works, considering how lazy I am, i'll probably be bored by TOMORROW!)

Nothing exciting is going on. Life is busy but completely BORING! Ever since I lost my net connection at home, I lost interest in anything and everything. Though I have been sleeping better. It used to be, I sleep at 4AM, nowadays, i'm dead to the world by the time the clock strikes 10PM. I am that much of a loser.

I feel like a granny. Lol.

I've watched Taken and WOW. Was that a good movie or what? I have not read the reviews but I like how straightforward it was. No big confusing issues I have to keep up with. Plus, the VIOLENCE is A+!

Yup, i'm very much a violent person. I like watching people trying to beat each other or something. (I don't condone it though) But movies like saw and jason and Friday the 13th thrills me.

I've also watched Knowing and it was....Not really all that. Just,...So-so? Unbelievable. I don't really believe in whatever the movie was trying to convey but only because "end of the worlds" movies aren't really my thing. Though I want to watch 2012.

Not much happens in my life other than the constant flux of THINGS TO DO.

Here, have a TomaPi!

Aren't they just in LOVE?


shingung said...

nice tomapi bubble hahahaa....

c0rin said...

HI! How are you? TP is <3!