Sunday, May 10, 2009

{YT} TomaJun!


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Anonymous said...

goodness i cant believe u haven seen this vid! i thought every je fan must have seen it! obviously being mean here but i dun care =P

awww come back c0rin! like by nxt week? lol cos this week i still have exams and wont really be on to spazz>.<

zzzzz...*sings u ON YOUR MIND~PLEASE COME BACK TO ME~ by kattun offtune* r u touched, yes? lol i am so addicted to this song now :) ja! <3

sparklings r waiting~

c0rin said...

Touched? Lol. Hardly. I am scared! I have nothing against LJ, just that there's nothing to post there anymore. I don't really feel the site? Funny, I haven't listened to anything Japanese in about a week now. I haven't even watched dramas! (well, I am now!)

Anonymous said...

@$#%$ how could you?! it's my heartfelt singing *beams* how abt love song? u gotta love that, no? *clears throat*

wait...omgomg i am spazzing now. you saw the toma scans?! *gasps* why is he getting hotter and hotter each day?! *stares at scan* hdkjajgvfb jk *chokes on my donut* tomaa~~ (it is all beacuse of the love yamapi is giving him right right?!) gad...that mola performance just flew out to Mars:) argh i hate blogger, cant spam the pics here T.T

if u haven seen? and if they r nt locked?

*continues singing*
rei & areea chan r both busy >.< so who do i go to?! ehehehe you of course:) and besides i've been stalking u since i entered fandom ^o^ so it's hard to stop:)
(why do i feel so stalkerish?)

argh no time to watch yamapi chubaw T.T tmr!