Wednesday, May 13, 2009

{JE gossip} TOMAMOVIE plus TegoJin

Well, this is old news but YAY! Wow for Toma, barely 2 years of acting and already a protagonist in a movie. BEATS YAMAPI anyday! I'm so happy for this guy! Now all I need is another quickie slash passionate night with wifey Pi and all is well in my world. Hey, I may even start flailing again!!

Toma: Pi! I got my first movie role!
Pi: Yay! *kisses Toma*

Toma: Yay! *kisses back*

*another passionate night jweb entry which kill us fangirls*

Also, TegoJin rumors are AWESOME! So much win! It actually made me forget about Kame's tranny escapades for 2 seconds! Oh Jingoshi, never leave me. *teary eyes* I want a mud wrestle between the two to determine the higher slut! I'm totally voting for Jin's powerful hips!....Then again, Tegoshi does have a phallic mouth. Gad, choices, choices.

Tego: You hips might be sluttier but my mouth is wider!
Jin: Fuck you! Unlike your hips, my mouth can fit a lot!

Dramas: Majo Saiban is beyond amazing. I now want that "Think twice" shirt in blue. I want one Toma worn! If I can't have the shirt, I want the Tommy Hilfigher briefs/boxers. I would totally frame it. Really. I even want his bracelets. Actually, I just want Toma. Yeah,...that's about it. Also, I am loving the witch. I want to be her.

AtaDan is LOVE. Ougad, I wonder why i'm so obsessed with Horikita Maki. Everything she does will always be amazing to me. My lesbian tendencies reach new heights everytime she so much as blinks. Then again, I hate her for always being surrounded by GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS men! Hmph.

EDIT: Apparently, Toma is going to appear in 5LDK on May 21st and Yamapi is the VTR. (I don't know for who though, since Tokyo is also there.) BUT YAY! Ougad, TomaPi are everywhere! What's happening?!


mel said...

i know i know~!!! toma --- MOVIE!! omg~ and jingoshi is AHAHAHA~!! lj is flooding with tegojin icons now ehehehe so taking them >.<

c0rin said...

Jingoshi is awesome. *nods*

mel said...

gahh i'm kinda disappointed abt that tomapi appearing "tgt" on tv thing T.T i need them both sitting tgt~! butts touching and everything. and i need koyama to interview them so that he can fish out any rabu he can >.< LOL! gad i NEED a video with tomapi TOGETHER enough of those date photos already! it's killing me down here~ @.@ sigh, but still...this is better than nth-.- i'd settle for anything tomapi ^o^