Sunday, May 10, 2009

In which I emo!~ and Tomapi rabu!

Tomapi: Pi-chan is so girly!

Wow. It feels so long ago since I last posted something that's not a video. I don't know what came over me why I suddenly started posting vids instead of fanfics. (okay, so I had TOO MANY DOWNLOADS and no more computer storage so I had to do something) Well, anyway, I don't actually know if there are people viewing my uploads so if there are, leave me a shoutout/comment or what. I don't really need it but it would be nice to know if there are those who look forward to me posting JE vids.

I usually get my source from (In case you want to know)

So I heard about the latest Tomapi rabu-rabu.

LOL. Aren't they the gayest?!

They make me so happy that any picture of them together automatically makes my life so much brighter! I've never seen two people SO IN LOVE! Seriously guys! You have to agree with me on this!

Yamapi + NEWS = Pokerface.
Yamapi + Jin = End of the world.
Yamapi + Ryo = Boring.
Yamapi + Girls = Eew. Het?! (Horikittie is a guy!)
Yamapi + Toma = Lovestruck Pi. *nods solemnly* TRUE LOVE.


Anonymous said...

why am i here why?! WHYY~?! because i am pathetic thats why! beacuse i missed u so much thats why! and because i cant survive a day without stalking you!*cancels that* lol because its tv commercial now :)

anyway...argh u evil c0rin~!*stabs*
why r u here instead of lj? T.T oh wells as long as i know u r still alive >.< mehh...i thought this site is gone and growing mushrooms already lol cos all i see here is nth but vids. lol like wth? lol a youtube coming out of happy ending? but yeah i love them alright:) wad am i typing here?

argh nvm. TOMAPI IS MARRIED AND GHEI~!!! <3 x 10000000

c0rin said...

STALK REI!!! And Areea!! There are so many people to stalk! Honestly! Lol. TOMAPI is MARRIED AND GHEI AND THEY LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

LOL at onigiri-love. omg. i totally agree. tomapi is the best. and hell yeah you have to write more rather than uploading vids. cus one thing about vid, waiting for it to load, i ended up not watching. haha.