Sunday, August 2, 2009

My 11 steps to teh JE fandom

1. I got into fandom because of Matsumoto Jun. But not through HYD, it was Gokusen that got me interested in JE/ARASHI. I loved his white streaked hair and was convinced that he's sleeping with Yankumi and Oguri Shun at the same time. It was through MJ that I discovered the OT5 that is ARASHI. That was 2005.

2. I originally fangirl'd Ohmiya. It didn't last long though, as hardcore as I was for them, over the years I realized that Ohmiya would be nothing without Arashi. The storm group is best when they're together, as individuals, they can be ignored but as a group they're irresistable.

3. I met Yamashita Tomohisa in NwP because it was always on youtube's top 5 when it was shown in Japan. I gave it a chance and that was my downfall. NwP is not my first, second or third Jdrama but it was the one which made me want more. (which means I still consider it as my first j-drama!)

4. Seishun Amigo is forever my favorite Jpop song. Up to now it's still in my ipod and I doubt i'll remove it anytime soon.

5. PiKame is the reason I turned gay. The first rl yaoi pairing I shipped. The first real slash fics I read are of them and it was written by [info]peroxidepest17 .

6. I watched Ya-ya-yah CLIPS before I learned of NEWS via Yamapi. I always liked Kusano Hironori and knew of him before he was suspended. To be honest, he was probably the reason I liked NEWS at that time. Ryo looks like he'll eat me alive, TegoMassu are pretty much insignificant and I only know Koyama because he's always the host. Shige who?

7. My BFF introduced me to KATTUN when they debuted and this is my reaction to real face. --> (-.-) zzz

Him: Did you hear? Jin left for US! He molested a kid!
Me: Who?

8. Cartoon KATTUN without JIN. I started to take notice. Early CTKT format was awesome.


10. BFF tried to get me into HSJ.

Him: They're so cute.
Me: How old are these kids?!

11. In which I actually start to like KATTUN.

Me: OMGOD! I'm starting to like KATTUN! I think KoKame is total OTP!! Nakamaru's beatboxing is awesome! Koki is so funny! And Ueda is a princess!
Him: Huh? I'm into Kpop now.

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