Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Before I was thrown into a world where everyone is a slave to blinding glitters, where boys grope each other on national television, where Mel ships Tomapi with dogs, (Oops! How did this get here?) where androgynous Japanese men groan songs about vaginal secretions, where sizzling law students talk to invisible gay cats, (Happy birthday Shigeako!) where cross-dressing is considered a formidable talent, I belonged to the wonderful world of angst, moobs and eyeliner.

Yes, Korean pop. Like everyone else, I started with Winter Sonata drama. And hence my obsession for Korean music was born! (This totally made sense, SHUT UP! I'm under heavy medication and craving for chocolate!) The difference between then and now is the fact that before, I would never have dreamed of shipping Korean boys together! The very thought of it makes me puke. But alas, Jpop has now blinded my once clear vision and I am now more than willing to ship hot, sexy, Korean men.
But let's not talk about that. (at least, not in this journal...Yet.)

I love Kpop for their music. True Facts. I'm hoping some of you might agree with me but if you don't, that's alright, i'd still spam you guys with Kpop anyway. *smiles winningly*

Let's start with the newest girl band:

This is 2NE1 (two-en-eee-one/21) their name makes my life hard but I find their songs AWESOME! I don't know what the heck this mug shot pics are all about but i'm guessing the crimes involve hooking, drug trafficking, DUI and underage gang activities.

Their latest single:

2NE1 - I don't care
Album download

I could not care less about this group but this song is just catchy!

SNSD- Tell me your wish
Album download


Okay, so maybe this is actually just KyuChul but I am biased and I love Hee Chul lots and lots and lots and lots. It's been so long since he last looked like a man that this MV blew me away.

Super Junior - It's you
Album download

And....Lol, that's that. I placed parodies because they're a lot easier to accept than the actual lyrics? Haha. No, i'm just biased that way.

Here are random Kpop songs you might like to download JUST BECAUSE?

RAIN- If you don't know this guy, you're just weird.
Fresh woman

WONDER GIRLS - I wanna hug them. T.T
So hot

EPIK HIGH - This is one of those groups where people give you a "Huh?" look when you say you don't like them. (no pressure *wink*)
Album download
One - You can listen before download
Paris- You can listen before download

BIG BANG - 2NE1's "senpai" if you listened to the TomaXShun radio show (with the cake and letter) the first song Oguri Shun played is Big Bang's Heaven (My heaven in Korean, I have no idea why they removed the "My") LOL. Also, Haru-haru was a BIG HIT.
Album download - I like all the songs "shrug"
Gara Gara Go - latest single?

SHINee - I love them very much. Just that they're the equivalent of HeySeyJump!. ^.^v, but they have the cheesiest songs.
Album download

F-LIST.......JOIN MEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee~~~! (is obviously attempting to recruit people!) and if you're a lurker/stalker/whatever who's into korean pop, add me! Let's talk about angsty boys and Yunho's sexy moobs. I'm new to the GAY fandom but dammit! I will make up for the lost time!


alotstuff said...

nice blog and have lots of stuff here.....


Lilo said...

haha i totally know what you mean. all the above are fave bands of mine. well they make my top since i can't pick a fave lol. ;] and leeteuk is soooo much cuter than heechul haha. i mean. he has pigtails (in the happy vid_

-:D nessie

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