Monday, February 9, 2009

Dramas! Dramas! Dramas!

You can't bully me Toma!
(Apparently, not many people recognize that my ICON is TomaPi)

What happened? I was gone for a few days and it seems that half of LJ updated? And yet, there's nothing exciting going on. Well. Except for YamaPi missing Toma and Maki. And Tegoshi dating an older woman? I didn't even know that Tegoshi was a guy. Oh well. You live, you learn. 

So I finally caught up with a few dramas and I just want to flail!

1. VOICE- TomEita! GAAAD! Even their namesquish is ADORABLE! I love episode 3 because of them latching onto each other's arms! I'm even starting to like Aki! And to think she used to irritate me! I don't know what's happening but I think the other 2 members of the seminar are suddenly placed in the background. Bet meh, the characters are so sugary cute together they make my teeth hurt. 
2. RESCUE- Am I the only one who thinks that this is a serious version of voice? The main characters even have the same initials. And backgrounds. And BFF's to support them.... It's a little too serious but Yamamoto Yusuuke more than makes up for it! I don't even care if Nakamaru's nose took half the screen, everytime I see HanaKimi dude being a BASTARD, I want to tie him with silk handkerchief on a fireman's pole and abuse him with leather whip or whip cream. (I can't decide, leather whip is kinky but whip cream is tastier...Sigh.. My life is so obviously hard.) 

Nakamaru has a nice body, why didn't I realize it before? All tall and straight. SQUEE! Here Maru-chan! Have a BFF!
(I'm still wondering what his actual role is...)

3. Uta no Oniisan- Ohno is LOVE I always say. He still is. I keep waiting for an update of this drama. I've only watch till episode two and so far, i'm liking it. Though the prince isn't so charming and everytime he sings a children song, my head is filled with images of JOHNNY KITAGAWA and the HEY SAY CHOIR on a big SAUNA bath. I don't know why! I do not know WHY! Of all things my brain dead brain can come up with, it has to be that! I cannot wait until Ohno takes the reins and dethrone that tights-loving prince! I also love the "other" Maru, though his role is more of a comic relief, he's still perfect for his part! 

4. Mei-chan no shitzuji- It took me up till episode 3 to realize that the white haired butler is Yamada Yuu's husband in Seigi no Mikata! How slow am I?!? This drama is just hilarious and nothing more. I suppose it's also meant to be suspenseful and such but as it progresses, i'm just getting tired. And whatever happened to Mameshiba/Otoya? Gone are his princess2 D days when he was all new and fresh! Nowadays, everytime I see him he looks more and more molested! (not that he isn't love anymore, just that,...what happened?) Anyway, Hiro makes a cute butler! and his VOICE! GAAAD! He always sounds sincere! What's up with that VOICE! I want to hear him speak in English again and again and again! 

5. Kami no Shizuka- I may be the only person in this world to actually like this drama. Shocking. Because I never finished Tatta hitotsu no koi and I never got passed episode 2 of 1 pound gospel. And yet, I am eagerly awaiting episode 3 and I am not even a KAME FAN. (but i'll admit, I'd like to have his brows as it is a magnificent work of art.) It may be the wine or it may be the music but for some reason, it appeals to me. I do not find it boring, (for the moment) I enjoy seeing Kame in formal clothes because it makes him look like a decent guy that you can almost forget that he sluts for a living. (Not to mention that his hobbies include cross-dressing and making out with questionable men. I love JE boys!) I also like the "enemy" because he's just....I don't know, evil? Plus, why is Robert-sensei always a connoisseur of some sort? Too bad the ratings are low. 

 See Kame? Even Jin is pissed that your drama ratings are low. (Is this Jin?)

6. Others- Well, I'm going to watch Kiina now. And Love shuffle. And that love/angst drama. 


shingung said...

yey!!!..c0rin updated..bwahahhaa....out of the dramas you mentioned I have only watched rescue which is like episode 1 bwahahaha...and so far i like the Hanakimi dude change of character...hahaha yes a bastard..he looked so serious...LOL for maru's nose...and your comment about thing im sure tegoshi will be prettier than his old gf bwahhaha...hahaha my comment is long....keep it coming c0rin...

c0rin said...

Lol. thanks!