Sunday, August 10, 2008

Near Death Experience

I never realized that getting your NBI clearance was such a NEAR-death experience. If it weren't for a few nice people i've met during the whole ordeal, I might have been checked in at Mental Hospital yesterday.

BRUTAL. The world is absolutely BRUTAL. People screaming at each other, fighting for NO REASON and just plain ANNOY whoever gets in their way of CLEARANCE.

I will never get any sort of clearance again. Even if I have to pay someone to do it for me.

They TOUCH you EVERYWHERE! Think PRISON WAR. I actually feel sorry for few of the guys' balls. Must have hurt.


Anyway, bottom line is, you'll end up gang raped.

And to top it all, I was in the HIT list. Which means, I either committed a crime or someone with a name like mine committed a crime and they cannot clear me unless they established that that person is not me. (which, of course, it probably is, considering the number of JAYWALKING cases I managed to collect during high school.)

Nothing's new with the world. My cellphone has broke down, my wallet is under coma and I myself am dying from lack of anything new.


Carpe diem.


Pasyon, Emmanuel C. said...

[sabay buntong hininga, hay, buhay (pa)]

Aerox said...

^^ ganun talaga ang buhay sa government agencies! sakin nga 1 month ko nakuha clearance ko, at endi lang isang beses, ever since kumuha me ng NBI clearance ko ganun katagal kahit renew! ei btw I changed the link to your blog with this one. haven't seen you for a long time sa SS. ge Ingats n G.B. stay alive!

bambiediby said...

baka nag early pud kaau ka te?

Jennifer said...

Just out of curiousity--what happened to your "Best Friends" Ouran High School fanfic? T_T I liked it and can't seem to find it anymore.

Anonymous said...

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