Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Earn easy money online!

Hey guys!

Now, I have been trying to earn money online and I find that this site is actually effective. One, because it ACTUALLY PAYS. 

So how does it work?

This is the link: reviewstream.com

So what is reviewstream? It is a review site which pays you 2 dollars for every great review you make. What do you review about? EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN!

So what's the catch?

1. You only get lucky. If you're review is really helpful, they will pay you 2 dollars for it. If it's so-so, you get the bulk rate which is 40cents. Some, they decline especially if they don't find it interesting. But the good thing is, you don't need to be a good writer to review. Just be effective!

2. You need to get 50 dollars before you can cash out. They pay via paypal. But I assure you, they do pay. In fact, they pay the same they you request for payment. (provided you have reached the 5o dollars qouta) 

3. They take A LONG TIME before they can approve the review you passed and sometimes, it disappears into thin air. So I advice you to keep a copy of the review you made. (Don't worry, they send it back to you via email so you don't need to worry about saving it in word or somewhere else, just keep the mail sent to you.) Keep a copy and resend it. 


1. Like I said, they do pay. Really. You can attain that 50 dollars easy. Especially of you keep at it EVERYDAY! Just keep on passing reviews, one day you'll get it. I've known some who managed to get the 50 in a few weeks time. 

2. There's the referral. By all means refer people. You only get 1% and it's not really much but it helps. Incidentally, this is my referral link: here.

I hope you guys use it. Don't worry, if you use my referral link, I can vote for your reviews so you get that 1% back. (more actually!) Just inform me. 

3. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Yes. EVERY VOTE pays you 10 cents. So if 1 person VOTES for you 10 times a day, that's a DOLLAR! So if 100 people (Each) vote 10 times for your reviews a day, you get 100 dollars! Isn't that amazing? (Well, I don't know if it works yet as I have not yet been paid but we'll see.) You need to get 5 dollars before you can cash out. But WTH right? You can always ask your friends! 

So I urge you guys to vote for me! You can find my reviews in the right corner of my blog "My reviews". It will lead you directly to my reviewstream site. Please vote. 

Let's all make money together! It may not be much but money is money! Please vote and use my referral link! 


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