Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tomapi fanfics!

Toma, Take note of your hoe's words of wisdom:

"I would never say 'I like you' or 'I love you'. I would rather have you feel it from the way I act."

*nods wisely*

See? All that "Let's not lie", birthday celebration dinner, majosai quickies, apologizing to Toma's fans because Toma can't stop talking about him when we all know that Pi started the whole thing by calling out Toma on his jweb! ....Clearly, Pi doesn't know that we can see through him. Sigh. I love ghei boys in love. They make my life so much brighter with their unicorns and rainbows and hardcore ...uh...manly affection?

P: I have a pressing question which requires your utmost intelligence.
C: Shoot.
P: Do you think that under that basketball uniform, Yamapi's wearing really loose boxer shorts?
C: *eyes glazed*.....Whut?

In any case, I hope not. I wouldn't want anything else to get in the way of ..you know,..Basketball? This is about basketball right? Of course it is, there's dancing! (Sorry, the entire Mola thing reminded me of "Superman" in Hot Shot!)

Since I am seriously, seriously FREE, I decided to compile all the hard to find? Tomapi fic links I saved in my comp, I know I promised doing this for someone but I seriously cannot remember who. Sorry for that.

Ikuta Toma and the clever fanfiction title - I am pimping this over and over and over because dude, it's Toma as Harry Potter, Yamapi as Ron and Hee Chul as Hermione. WHAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG? (Hint: Bakanishi) Knowledge of KPOP might be useful but not necessarily required.

No title - Yamapi being... Jealous?

Scents of winter - Vague, but loved.

Elisions - I think this is my favorite for no reason? I keep re-reading it.

Remember - The greatest thing about being human was that you didn't have to rememeber.

The Ring - I AM SO SAD THIS NEVER GOT FINISHED DANG ITTTT!!!! (I seriously LOVE whatever/everything she wrote.)

State of Stability - Anorexic Pi, Pin friendship. I don't even know if this is Tomapi...But he's there.

Murder before Slumber - More Akame-ish (and Pin stupidity) than Tomapi but to be fair, it was hilarious. *pats everyone's shoulders* There's groping involved?

Eight page conspiracy - I don't know where you were if you've never read this. Read every Tomapi fic she has here.

Kissing? - I've just realized that she also posted a Pi-nuki icon in one of her entries. Now I feel guilty for leaving comments on her page! She probably thought I stole it from her...Eep.

No title - It's cute. Also, cycles, it never got finished but the premise was awesome.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened - Sad.

People are strange when you're a stranger - Sadder.

Not forgetting - Here's to half their lives of friendship.

Infinity's end - Toma would do anything to help a friend.

Toma birthday drabbles - Toma/Everyone

No title - LOL. Akira and Shuchi - GRRR. I want to finish this. *grabby hands* WANT!

Toma drabble - TomaPi/TomaShun/TomaMatsuJun

The art of purchase - Yamapi hates shopping with Toma.

Sparkling diamonds - Maybe you can find the best things in pubs.

Untitled - Toma as Mr. X

The spaces in a body - I should tell you, I should tell you.

The Cult of Dolce and Gabbana - HAHAHAHAHAHAAH. And I thought Toma sports Tommy. And Silly Pi, if that Kurosagi scene is to be trusted, D&G supports nothing. Nothing.

Another day at the office - TomaGURI. Just because Toma is more concerned of being killed by MatsuJun than not debuting.

Chance - It's Tomapi if you squint really, really hard.

5 ways Toma gets to debut - squint!

Decadence is Godly - So very, very strange.

Untitled - Smut.

Kink - I honestly, honestly LAUGHED so hard at this and I don't know why, Gad. It's seriously...Wrong? TomaPin.

You got served - Squint!

This - Because she goes crazy and write fics sometimes. *my cue to run like hell*

Half our lives - HUG! And You never have to be alone

Oh what nice arms you have, Yamapi - Is actually a locked fic?

Pink Teddy Bears - Sigh.

FoodSmut - I don't know what's with TomaPin's but I always find it hilarious. The scenerio's will never work out in real life.

Hurrrm....Yeah.. - Smut?

Paramour - Because Toma is HOT. HOT. HOT. HOT. HOT. *andsexsexsexsexsex*

Yeah, so okay, i'm waaay too tired to bother with the rest, i'm sure you can find the others in the usual comms. We seriously need more Tomapi fics. Anyone out there willing to write?

Also,. Pimp me an undiscovered TOMAPI fic PLEASE! I BEG YOU!

Here, have an orphan!


Aenea said...


I just want to point you out to THE most excelent tomapi fic I've read:

Devotion: http://www.angelfire.com/nm/agnesjoseph/Devotion.htm

Thank you for the list *_*


c0rin said...

HI! Thanks! She's actually my Livejournal f-list which is why I didn't include her. (called in_vulnerable) The ones I saved are the hard to find fics.

She also wrote this:


It's my fave. You might like to check that out!

DefyTyranny said...

I'm very confused by the boy at the very bottom of this post. Seriously. Why the random mood swing? So... Confused... O.o